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Gaming Multiverse Community Original Gamer Life Introduces Partnership with Play-to-Earn NFT-based Game CryptoTanks

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CryptoTanks.com Original Gamer Life
Brandon Sivret, CEO of Original Gamer Life, names CryptoTanks as the latest partner and addition to the OGLife Multiverse in line with the recent $TANK IDO launch

TOKYO, Japan - EntSun -- Original Gamer Life or OGLife, a Thriving-as-a-Service social impact gaming ecosystem, welcomes Play-to-Earn game CryptoTanks into the OGLife Multiverse. This partnership with CryptoTanks marks the start of exploring further opportunities for OGLife to team up with more DeFi and NFT-based games for the OGL Multiverse.

Brandon Sivret, CEO of Original Gamer Life and a retired US Air Force veteran, "Here at OGLife, we are on a mission of bringing 3 billion gamers into the crypto space. As we build our OGL multiverse, we wanted to be a gateway for both DeFi and non-crypto games to reach gamers from all walks of life. This is why we're excited to work with CryptoTanks. We love what they're doing in the NFT gaming space," Sivret shared.

CryptoTanks recently launched their initial decentralized exchange offering (IDO) under BSC Station on 10 December 2021 for a total amount of $100,000. For the $TANK IDO details, click here.

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CryptoTanks features the nostalgic 8-bit games under the Play-to-Earn model including NFTs, Ethereum, and Polygon that allow the players to enjoy the gameplay and get to earn rewards.

"Congratulations to CryptoTanks on their successful IDO launch. We're glad to start this partnership with them. For gamers who played Battle City and for those who love vintage, 8-bit combat games, CryptoTanks is right up your alley," Sivret added.

For more information on Original Gamer Life, join their Telegram channel: https://t.me/originalgamerlife


CryptoTanks is a Play to Earn game where every NFT is 100% usable in our gamified DeFi ecosystem.

CryptoTanks was inspired by the cult Battle City game released in 1990 for the Nintendo and Game Boy consoles. But this isn't just a revival, as many new features will make this game much more sophisticated. New locations, missions, tanks, battle modes, as well as the DEFI and NFT ecosystem have been added to CryptoTanks.

CryptoTanks allows the player to delve into a world of nostalgia and experience the power of the new technology of the crypto world, DEFI and NFT. Now the player can not only enjoy the gameplay of the iconic 8-bit graphics, but also earn by upgrading his NFT tanks in battle and in the garage

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For more details, visit: https://cryptotanks.com/


Original Gamer Life or OGLife is a Thriving-as-a-Service (TaaS) social impact ecosystem open to all gamers. OGLife is the first incubated project powered by the Infrastructure-as-a-Service tech company StrongNode.io Innovation Lab. OGLife is serving communities who need the most help to thrive, especially in this COVID-19 pandemic. OGLife aims to deliver a fun, healthy, and rewarding way for gamers to live and thrive. We are a multiverse gaming community and streaming platform bringing 3 billion gamers to the crypto space. In OGLife, we Play-to-Thrive.

For more information, visit: https://ogl.gg/

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Source: Original Gamer Life

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