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Film Producer Michael Cohen Launches "Hollywood East," a Revolutionary Paradigm in Filmmaking

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Film Producer Michael Cohen Launches "Hollywood East," a Revolutionary Paradigm in Filmmaking on the east coast as an option for those who no longer desire the west coast system.

LOS ANGELES - EntSun -- Hollywood East, the brainchild of renowned film producer Michael Cohen, is set to reshape the landscape of the film industry as we know it. With a vision that transcends traditional boundaries, Cohen's innovative approach seeks to recruit actors on the East Coast and create compelling films in diverse East Coast locations, including Washington, D.C., Virginia, New York, NY, Dover, Delaware, Maryland, Detroit, Michigan, North Carolina, and Georgia.

Hollywood East introduces a groundbreaking model that puts equity at the forefront,
allowing actors to share in the success of the films they help create. In a departure from
the standard industry practices, there are no SAG (Screen Actors Guild) requirements for
actors, and employees are not bound by union obligations. This unique approach

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fosters creative freedom, unburdened by the agendas of politics, sexual preference, or
mandates of LGBTQ and racial requirements.

Key Features of Hollywood East:
Equity for Actors: Hollywood East empowers actors by providing them with a
stake in the films they work on. This means they will receive a share of the
streaming and box office revenue, allowing them to benefit directly from the
success of their projects.

No SAG Requirements: Actors have the opportunity to participate in Hollywood
East productions without the constraints of SAG requirements, giving them more
flexibility in their careers.

No Union Obligations: Hollywood East employees, including crew members, enjoy
the freedom to work without union obligations, fostering a collaborative and
efficient filmmaking process.

Content Freedom: Hollywood East champions creative freedom by avoiding any
political or social agendas in its content, ensuring a diverse and inclusive range
of stories that connect with audiences on a universal level.
Streaming and Box Office Revenue: Actors have the potential to earn revenue

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from both streaming and box office releases, enhancing their financial incentives
and long-term career prospects.

Michael Cohen, the visionary behind Hollywood East, shared his enthusiasm for this
groundbreaking venture: "Our goal with Hollywood East is to redefine the filmmaking
experience, placing actors and creators at the center of the equation. We believe that by
breaking free from traditional constraints, we can deliver compelling, authentic stories
that resonate with audiences while providing our talent with a fair and equitable
compensation structure."

Hollywood East is set to bring a fresh breeze to the film industry, creating opportunities
for talented actors and filmmakers to collaborate on projects that inspire and entertain.
As the world eagerly anticipates the launch of Hollywood East, the future of filmmaking
on the East Coast has never looked brighter.

For more information about Hollywood East and its upcoming projects, please visit:

M. Cohen

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