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Faro10 Partnership with Pfeiffer University

Next generation of clinicians to use mobile app to help patients

RALEIGH, N.C. - Sept. 12, 2017 - EntSun -- Faro10, the system of record for Mental Health Analytics & Outcome Measurement, today announced that it has partnered with Pfeiffer University to introduce their next generation of Clinicians to this cutting edge technology. Pfeiffer University has once again demonstrated its commitment to providing the highest quality of education and ensuring their students are prepared to become leaders in their chosen fields.

Currently, Clinicians prescribe and treat based on what they learn directly from their individual patients during recurring sessions. This often does not include information that may have been shared with other practitioner's, friends or family between sessions. Clinicians also do not have historical data that would highlight trends or patterns in patient behavior. By partnering with Faro10, Pfeiffer University students will learn how to acquire this additional information and incorporate it into the treatment process. They will also gain access to the Social Media Insights of Faro10 which leverages predictive analytics derived from social media and in-app behavior to identify and alert Clinicians to dangerous behavior.

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Pfeiffer University has chosen to leverage Faro10 application not just for its ability to measure progress, but also the ability to coordinate care between all clinicians in the continuum of care for patients. There is considerable evidence showing that an integrated approach where primary care and mental health provider's work together improves outcomes. Faro10 provides simple methods for all Clinicians to work together without jeopardizing patient privacy.

"We're thrilled to be working with Pfeiffer University and providing them with capabilities that can reduce the time to diagnose and greatly enhance mental health treatment" said Joshua Roberto, President at Faro10. "Mental Health Clinicians have a tough job. In many cases they are making life or death treatment decisions with very little information. Faro10 provides tools to increase visibility into the patient, enabling more data-driven decisions".

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About Faro10

Faro10 is a Mental Health Analytics application that transforms the way Clinicians provide treatment and make decisions. With our cloud-based application, Clinicians have new insight into patient health and can make data-driven decisions which lead to better outcomes. Faro10 is the premier system of record for Mental Health Analytics & Outcome Measurement, providing real-time insight into treatment progress and automated alerts when a patient may be struggling or relapsing. The mobile app is free for patients to download from the app store  For more information, please visit https://www.faro10.com.

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Karen Mishra, CMO, Faro10

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