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European Equities consensus points towards a bearish tone - AssetPulse June 2019

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The latest monthly consensus view on European Equity has been presented as bearish. Main reason for the is the possible impact of the trade negotiations, weak economic momentum and unresolved nature of Brexit. Emerging markets is pointing towards positive side.

Decimal Point Analytics Pvt. Ltd. has released AssetPulse, June 2019 edition of its summarized view of asset classes.

AssetPulse includes a summary of major global investment bank's outlook on various asset classes. The report covers US, European, GCC & EM Equities, Currencies, Fixed Income and Commodities. It also includes a consensus recommendation and target price for each asset class.

This report is released every month by Decimal Point Analytics Pvt. Ltd. for the benefit of the wealth advisory community.
Click on the below link to read more about AssetPulse - https://www.decimalpointanalytics.com/assetpuls...

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Click on the below link to download the full report to get a better view of what we are talking about https://www.decimalpointanalytics.com/images/as...

About Decimal Point Analytics Pvt. Ltd.
Decimal Point Analytics is a financial research and analytics company incorporated in 2003 with headquarters at Mumbai, India. It is an independent, management owned company, which provides actionable analytics to financial services companies. It offers customized solutions to investment management businesses that address specific challenges. It enables these customers to supplement their operations with additional resources and augment research processes using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies like Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Big Data.

Decimal Point Analytics is one of the leading full Research & Analytics Service Company for Risk Management & Financial Modeling in India, USA and UK.stats
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