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Dubmuzik, Detroit's multi-platinum producer released "Made In Detroit"!

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Underground Success announces the release of the new album presented by Dubmuzik, Made In Detroit.

DETROIT - EntSun -- When Dubmuzik says do it, you just stop what you are doing and do it. This release has been a long time coming. Made In Detroit was recorded in the mid 2000s with a group that Dub was managing that was placed in to a spotlight at that time. Dub has doors that can be opened and he decides when to open the door for projects he works on and was the main source of the project. You might be an artist but you are not the producer or engineer and sometimes people do not have that understanding. With Made In Detroit, Dubmuzik produced the whole project, engineered it and now said, "let's release it". The fans are waiting on another project but Dubmuzik has been very busy working with artists on movie placements and such and it is taking some time so this is a perfect time to say, FaygosandConey did this one the right way, with the help of Dubmuzik and others behind the scenes.

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You can find Made In Detroit on all major platforms in the next week and the 15 tracks are as follows:

1.   The World is Ours
2.   Steppin on Campus
3.   Smoke it Over
4.   FYM
5.   Face Down
6.   Cheffer Muzik
7.   Turn my Bass Up
8.   L.A.D.
9.   Like Me
10. Faygowett
11. Save Ur Love
12. The Eye
13. Blunts Up
14. 2 Liter
15. I'm Gone

Smoke it over was released as a single 2 years ago and it is on youtube so why not add it to a new album release...

All music can be located and listened to on Itunes, Spotify, Apple Music and all other major platforms.

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Source: Underground Success Magazine
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