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Culture Forward TV - Stream Free Diverse Movies and TV

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Stream free diverse movies and TV with no subscription needed.

LOS ANGELES - EntSun -- In June 2020, Culture Forward TV became a reality when it was introduced on Roku. After being a dream for 3 years, it was finally birthed by Culture Forward Media Group as a means to distribute their own films and become truly independent dictators of their own success. But as the desire crystalized, the venture blossomed into a grandeur vision that could help move the Culture Forward, literally. As planned from the inception, Culture Forward TV is a streaming distribution platform for independent filmmakers who want their films, documentaries, educational content and music visuals to be shared with an audience that has cultural and community interests. It's simple.

Within a few weeks of its release date in 2020,  Culture Forward TV amassed 20,000 installs on Roku while still beta testing! Within that short period of time the platform accrued over 2500 watched hours, with an average watch time of 90 minutes. For insight purposes; at this time, the average Netflix viewer session was 50 minutes, while the average YouTube viewer session was 40 minutes. This was all of the evidence needed to prove that there is an invisible diverse audience who wanted to see themselves represented on screen. Bang.

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In addition to the latter, they are also pledging to acquire more cultural classic films like Life, Friday, Dead Presidents and Boyz in the Hood while developing more original content in the near future. Amongst our most viewed projects (In no particular order) you will find, Best Friends, For Evan's Sake, Social Distant Living, Three Chen Sisters, Now What? (Harvested 2021,Harvested 2 2022), and the award winning short films: Freeword, #JustBlack, Outgraded, Plucked and Call out Black.

To stream free diverse movies and TV with no subscription needed, simply download the  Culture Forward TV (https://cultureforwardtv.com/)  app on your smart TV, media player or mobile device, and stream away!


Source: Culture Forward Media Group
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