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Clothing Designer Paints Landscapes to Declare a New American Art Movement

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New Art Movement Values Clothing and Paintings Created by Humans Over Computer Design and Mass Production

WEST POINT, N.Y. - EntSun -- New York designer Ivey Abitz introduced original paintings into its new Autumn Winter collection of bespoke clothing for women titled, "A New American Art Movement."

The paintings are by the collection designer, Cynthia Ivey Abitz, a visual artist and clothing designer now in her 18th year of designing for the company.

Both the paintings and the new clothing collection were inspired by the first art movement in the United States started by the Hudson River School.

For her new collection, Ivey Abitz painted landscapes of New York's Hudson River Valley and the Great Lakes Region, just as the Hudson River School painters did.

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"I gave myself a timeframe for each painting I created, finishing each painting in the amount of time it takes us to create one Ivey Abitz garment from start to finish," Cynthia Ivey Abitz said.

She says that in today's culture of throwaway fast-fashion clothing, it's easy to jump to the conclusion that a painting is far more valuable than a garment.

Designer Ivey Abitz said, "As an artist who creates both paintings and garments, I challenge all of us to rethink the value of garments. In a world where mass-production churns out so much substandard clothing and so many incidental images that it makes my head spin, it's easy to overlook the specialness and profundity of something made by hand with thought, care, and time."

Cynthia Ivey Abitz says the landscape she lives in—the Hudson Valley--inspired her to create the new Autumn Winter collection of Ivey Abitz garments.

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"The Hudson River School's intent was to celebrate the idyllic qualities and hopefulness of a landscape," Ivey Abitz explains. "I connect with this purpose in such a deep way, as this is at the core of every collection of garments I create. I want to live within an idyll of peace each and every day, and every one of my garment designs strives to create such a place."

The design house Ivey Abitz has long been a proponent of creating from ideals, and that is what's behind its new art movement. The movement values art and products created by the human hand over mass production.

Ivey Abitz is a New York based clothing design company specializing in bespoke clothing for women. It is sold exclusively through the company's website IveyAbitz.com. The Autumn Winter collection also offers for sale giclée prints of the original Ivey Abitz landscape paintings.

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