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Capgemini UK Plc Over 4 Years Late Paying their Bills

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Research by Majury Change Management Ltd has shown that Capgemini UK Plc are over 4 years late in paying what they legally owe at least some of their creditors.

"A firm like Capgemini SE with a turnover of €1.43 billion in 2019, should be ashamed of themselves for not paying all of their invoices and CCJs on time.""

WOKING, U.K. - EntSun -- Big businesses that continually fail to pay their suppliers on time have been named and shamed by the UK government for the first time in 2017. Under the rules introduced in April 2017, all large UK companies are required to publish specific information regarding their payment policies, practices and performance — including the average time taken to pay supplier invoices — twice yearly.

Using this report, Majury Change Management were able to show that Capgemini has paid between 16–25% of invoices late, with a maximum payment term of 90 days. Further research by Majury Change Management indicates that Capgemini UK Plc has not paid a CCJ (County Court Judgment) that was issued against them in May 2016, and as of early May 2020 was still sitting as unsatisfied (not paid). Capgemini UK Plc has a second unpaid CCJ that was issued against them in April 2020. Unless other arrangements have been made CCJs should ordinarily be paid within 21 days.

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Unfortunately Capgemini's failure to pay what they owe on time, causes severe additional administrative and financial burdens faced by thousands of small and medium sized business due to late payments. The nation's modest sized enterprises are currently owed £26billion in overdue payments (in 2017), according to research by payments processing company Bacs.

Alastair Majury Chartered MCSI, a Director of Majury Change Management said:
"The small business community is growing increasingly frustrated by the poor payment culture and supply chain bullying that is rife in the UK.

This is not just a commercial problem that needs to be resolved, it is also an ethical one where small firms are being put at risk, or even out of business, by bigger firms taking advantage.

A firm like Capgemini SE with a turnover of €1.43 billion in 2019, should be ashamed of themselves for not paying all of their invoices and CCJs on time."

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Notes to Editors:
More information on CCJs here: https://medium.com/@majury1981/capgemini-ccjs-does-not-pay-what-they-owe-as-per-court-decisions-b91050b41fe1
More information on Majury Change Management Ltd available here: https://www.majurychangemanagement.com/as-featured-in

Majury Change Management Ltd

Source: Majury Change Management Ltd
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