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Can You Handle the REAL Truth About Amazon FBA?

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COVID-19 now makes the next level of Amazon FBA a necessity...

LOS ANGELES - EntSun -- I was tempted to call this article "the game has changed for Amazon FBA".

But the simple truth is that the game has always been the same!

First, let me help demystify a couple of facts for you.

Amazon FBA is simply a group of warehouses tied together by sophisticated software (which is a digital product incidentally).

Third-party sellers pay a monthly membership fee (digital product) for the privilege to access these warehouses (where very real people work incredibly hard).

BTW- now millions of people pay this monthly membership fee even if they don't sell a single item in Amazon's catalog.

There are so many third-party sellers that Amazon doesn't release the numbers! But to give you a perspective there are more third-party products than Amazon products.

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When your products appear in the Amazon "catalog" they are simply sitting on shelves inside of the warehouses across the planet.

Now, if you are considering selling physical products online, e-commerce, this is not necessarily a bad thing.

In the beginning, it was fantastic!

The competition was practically non-existent and regular people were making very good money, without even trying hard.

But the plain truth, if you want to hear it, is that the game has changed.

Now the 'race to the bottom' has killed the profit for the regular person (that probably means you) entering Amazon's catalog.

Here are just some of your hurdles:

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