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California band goes viral with English version of Yuri Loza's 'Raft'

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Two Worlds Become One.Non Duo is bridging the gap between East and West.

MOSCOW, Russian Federation - May 26, 2016 - EntSun -- L.A. based music group, Non Duo, is currently creating international buzz with a music video that they launched while under the name of "Wicked Saints." Marina Gutman and Paul McCarty make up the members of the new group, Non Duo.

Immediately after recording the English version of Yury Loza's "Raft", the video went viral in Russia. The song, by Yury Loza, is a classic song of the '80s in Russia and the former USSR. As members of Wicked Saints, Paul and Marina released the first English version of "Raft" in a music video which is catching on with the people of Russia, US and worldwide.

Marina had heard the song while growing up, and presented it to Paul as a possible cover for the band. Little did they know, it would become the first translation to catch fire, and they would be the first American band to perform his song. It is relatively unheard of for Americans to cover Russian songs. Songs regularly go the other direction - American and English songs being translated and covered by Russian artists. Paul and Marina said, "It's one of the basic intentions of Non Duo to help people feel oneness and togetherness, so what a nice acknowledgement from the Universe."

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When asked about how it feels for the video to go viral, Paul shares: "It's a really exhilarating feeling. I'd had the YouTube notifications turned on because it was rare to get a comment before all this came about. Then suddenly I'd wake up in the morning and hear "click...click....click-click....click-click, etc" from all the Russian comments that are showing up on the video. It's very exciting to see that we've suddenly got a lot of people's attention, and have them excited about the prospect of a song so dear to their hearts crossing over into another culture's consciousness.

And so then seeing articles, first with Yury Loza, the songwriter, acknowledging our role and giving his blessing, then finding ourselves being mentioned in other articles, and even getting an inquiry directly from Pravda for an interview -- of course it's really exciting. It means we can get our own music in front of many more people. More doors opening up. And it's also a really sweet feeling to know that one of the first things that Marina and I did together has gelled into something that could make a lot of people happy. Like a blessing on our relationship."

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Marina shares: "What started out as a fun little translation turned Russian heads and then our own. We filled a niche we didn't know needed to be filled. It's been a whirlwind of good news within a very short period of time and we're grateful to have the opportunity to share our version of the song, "Free," plus our originals with the world."

See international press link:  http://www.kp.ru/daily/26524/3541785/

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