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Bro:Bang Your Music - AXLOIE Official

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AXLOIE BANG - Life accompany
If you are buried in your work or academy and tired from modern-city life, it's high time that you learn how to reduce the pressures of city life and enjoy yourself in the wide-open spaces with our Bang. Our Bang product could be your intimate bro. With bold colors related to wild nature, lightweight and portable, it's convenient to take our Bang Loudspeaker Box on voyage.

ROMA, Italy - EntSun -- Hey, bro, are you ever in great yearning for playing music outdoors? AXLOIE Bang your music with our truly wireless Bluetooth Bang product, unleashing your inner wildness.

Ø  Life accompany

When charged once, it can last for about 10 hours, which is powerful enough to sustain your one-day outdoor activities, such as hiking and barbecues. No cords tangled with your hand, no cords can stop you from moving flexibly. Dance with freewill under the blue sky. That's your worthwhile life!

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Ø  Real man style

Maroon 5 crashes into weddings for "Sugar", surprising everyone with the band audacious adventure and outstanding performance. To be special, one must stick to your own opinions. Inspired by such idea, our AXLOIE Bang Loudspeaker Box embodies the idea of freedom, courage, and wildness. Have you ever thought of the concept of being a real man? Being afraid of voice yourself in front of crowd?  Being timid to show your talents? This is not your true self. Bang Loudspeaker Box is always in line with real man style. The bold exterior design personifies wildness, and when you play music with it, premium stereo sound quality would plunge you into a sound music world. Release your inner wildness with our AXLOIE Bang, to be a true man.

Ø  Life pioneer

There is inherent bravery gene inside male. In patriarchal age, males explore their life in jungles; in the age of colonization, males inaugurate a period of exploration. While in modern life, males don't need to explore new places with knife and blood. Life is like a trip round the world, in which there are ups and downs. AXLOIE Bang Loudspeaker Box works as mood moderator when you encounter those delights and those unpleasant in life. Elaborated metal mesh is tightly wrapped around the internal speakers. Even if it experiences the ups and downs, the true color of our AXLOIE Bang would not fade away.

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Wander wild excitement with our Bang, there might be one day you would gain fame through sound music that you popularize.

Official website: https://www.axloie.com/
AXLOIE Amazon US: https://www.amazon.com/axloie
AXLOIE Amazon ITALY: https://www.amazon.it/s?me=A38QFMRV5E0CSA

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Source: AXLOIE Official
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