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Best Selling Author Holds Movie Screening in Atlanta

ATLANTA - Sept. 21, 2017 - EntSun -- Best selling author Kenni York stunned the literary community when she released the hard-hitting series, At Least I Didn't Kill Him on January 1, 2016. Nearly a year and a half later she created another buzz with the release of the feature film of the same title. At the recent premiere of the highly anticipated film, viewers laughed, cried, became emotionally invested, and marveled over the realness of the film and the stellar way in which the motion picture captured the true essence and original storyline of the book series.

"I released the first part of At Least I Didn't Kill Him [the series] to create awareness about domestic violence," says York. "I later released the second part at the urging of the book club Don't Read Me Read A Book...they were eager to know where the story line went from there...what happened to the characters as a  result of their decisions in part one."

As a way of giving back to readers throughout Atlanta, York and her Atlanta-based production team, Stream-ATL.net, are hosting a special screening of the film at the Clayton County Library Headquarters on Saturday morning, September 21, 2017.

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"This is especially for avid readers," says York. "Those who truly appreciate the art of literature and enjoy seeing how the characters come to life on screen."

The film features some of the most talented up and coming actors in Atlanta, including the movie's leads Alexandria Denise and Eric Allen. The film also features a soundtrack full of original tracks by several rising music artists from Atlanta.

Film Synopsis:

A man...his wife...their secrets... What happens when the truth finally comes out? In this heart-wrenching drama, the realms of betrayal and heartbreak are depicted to give you an eye-opening look at how painful love SHOULDN'T be.



Ticket link:

https://www.eventbrite.com/e/at-least-i-didnt-kill-him-special-showing-tickets-37956273235et Link:

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