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Author Bob Udulutch Unveils New "Spot and Smudge" Series

HANOVER, Mass. - May 15, 2017 - EntSun -- Author Bob Udulutch, a Pembroke, MA resident who previously worked in technology management for 30 years with Sony and Microsoft, recently announced the release of his "Spot and Smudge" book trilogy:  Spot and Smudge – Book One; The Glasgow Gray – Book Two; and Let Slip the Pups of War – Book Three, all available in paperback or electronic download at Amazon.com.

These speculative fiction novels follow a pair of accidentally genetically modified dogs, their family, and the evil entities trying to discover and control their secrets.  They are thrillers with elements of horror, espionage, and genetic engineering/medical science fiction mixed in.  Although the plotlines are certainly dark and gritty at times, the stories also serve up heart-warming moments and ultimately deliver a "family love triumphs" message…even if that family is far from traditional.  The fast-paced and immersive style of these novels in most often compared to works by Stephen King, Tom Clancy, and Dean Koontz.  The books contain some adult themes and language, and are intended for a mature audience.

Spot and Smudge – Book One is set on a farm in a fictional small town between Boston and Cape Cod called Pembury, where a recently widowed Scottish grandmother and her troubled eleven-year-old grandson live.  They soon rescue an odd pair of orphaned puppies – Spot and Smudge.  Their neighbors are a wonderfully despicable couple with horrible plans and even worse associates.  As the pups grow and change, the dark connection between them and the deranged neighbors threaten everything they've come to love.

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In The Glasgow Gray – Book Two, Ben (the grandson) heads to the wilds of Canada with Spot and Smudge to visit great uncle Hamish, a larger-than-life Scot who's an expert on wolves, dogs, and raising hell.  Those skills come in handy as the trouble Ben and the pups left behind was nothing compared to the evil corporation now chasing them north and exploiting Hamish's little mining town – a town that harbors its own secrets, and those who aren't what they appear.  Not everything hunting them walks upright, and to survive Ben and the dogs will need a few new tricks.  They'll also need to decide who they can trust as they aren't getting out of the cold dark woods without allies – both the two- and four-legged kind.

In the final installment, Let Slip the Pups of War – Book Three, the hunt is on, and Ben and his unique family are the prey.  The shadowy corporation behind the pups' gifts seeks their secrets, and its deranged leaders are willing to stop at nothing to get it.  But the protective instincts of a pair of really sharp dogs and the loyalty of some amazing friends shouldn't be underestimated.  Spot and Smudge are done running, and no one threatens their family…not an evil cabal, not a Hong Kong Triad hit team, not African poachers, not even the FBI.

Early reviewers on Amazon have consistently given him five-star ratings and rave reviews for all three books of the trilogy.

"The Spot and Smudge series is inspired by a pair of black Lab-mix rescued littermates that I really did name Spot and Smudge, and who ran together through the thick woods of the South Shore of Massachusetts, not unlike the trails of Pembury in my books," said Udulutch.  "The story-writing process has offered me the wonderful chance to bring many of their most affable traits back to life."

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To learn more about the Spot and Smudge trilogy, please contact Bob Udulutch at bob@rudulutch.com or visit www.rudulutch.com.

About Bob Udulutch

Bob was born in rural Wisconsin where he grew up reading a lot of books under shady trees in the middle of big fields.  His first job as a kid was pumping poo out of RVs at a campground. After several equally humbling and eye-opening gigs he worked his way through school as a bartender and assistant to a one-eyed octogenarian prototyping engineer.  He managed to graduate at the top of the Electrical Technologies program at the Herzing Institute in Madison, Wisconsin, after which he was selected as the first student for Sony's newly created U.S. technical training program based in their flagship Boston operation. He stayed with Sony for 15 amazing years in training and technical management roles, eventually running the Boston operation and working for the Service Company president as his National Best Practices Manager.  He then worked for three years with Cambridge Soundworks as their Sr. Service Manager, and then did seven years with Microsoft as a Sr. Global Projects Manager, where he earned the company's Gold Star award for his Surface service project.

Bob lives in Pembroke, Massachusetts, with his wife and two amazing daughters, one rescued black mutt, a motorcycle, a Jeep, and far too many tools.  Now he writes, travels, tinkers, builds stuff, and sometimes breaks stuff.  For more information, please visit www.rudulutch.com.

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