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An Open Letter to Donald Trump

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Author/Comedian Jose Franco
In a world that often celebrates Machiavellian tactics and the raw pursuit of power, my book represents the other side of the pendulum

NEW YORK - EntSun -- Dear Donald,
In the multitude of voices that surround you, I humbly present my own—a whisper, perhaps, in the grand scheme of things, but one laden with hope and critical thought. My name is Jose Franco, author of (2019) "How To Get Better at Things You Don't Think You're Bad at by 2020," a work that, much like the musings of Boethius in his prison cell, grapples with the Sisyphean task of making a meaningful impact in a world dominated by louder, more bombastic figures—such as yourself.
As the nation holds its breath while a jury of your peers deliberates your innocence in the hush money trial in New York, I can't help but reflect on the glaring disparity between your soaring popularity and my own modest reach. Is the audacity of hope reflected in my writings foolish?

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Your name resonates through every household, while my altruistic writings drift like autumn leaves, barely noticed, scarcely acknowledged. And yet, I persist, fueled by a conviction that echoes the philosophical ponderings of William James. The line between persistence and sanity (at times) feels blurred when achieving a critical mass of readers willing to delve into these complex ideas feels like an uphill battle. It's akin to convincing a significant portion of Americans in 2024 to...... https://patch.com/new-york/parkslope/open-letter-donald-trump-nodx

Jose Franco

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