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AFRO SCI-FI and Yvette Kendall. They're Coming Big & They're Not Going Home!

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I'm quickly learning that "Afro Sci-Fi" is a thing. I've always known that African-Americans contributed to the Science Fiction genre, but this is next level!

NEW YORK - March 9, 2019 - EntSun -- While flipping through the pages of the internet, I was captivated by an unlikely image. Typically, when you read the words "Sci-Fi", it's generally accompanied by certain imagery. Not this time, I saw a woman at the helm. Not just any woman, it was a "Woman of Color".

Again, not necessarily surprised at that. There are plenty of African-American women that write in Science Fiction and Speculative Fiction. Namely, Andrea Hairston, Nalo Hopkinson, NK Jemisin Nnedi Okorafor,  Octavia Butler and Tananarive Due (just to name a few).

What I have not seen is a Women of Color who writes "Mainstream" Sci-Fi, that could compare to the likes of Star Wars, Star Trek and the Avatar. There is one exception (should you choose to accept it, and I do), and that's Sophia Stewart.

It has been long rumored, that Stewart is the original writer of the Matrix and the Terminator. If the whispers are true, then she may have been the only Women of Color; to write big budget content, that has crossed all racial barriers (i.e mainstream).

With all that said, that was a long time ago. There have been no new female African-American writers (on that level) until now. I was pleasantly surprised to read about a beautiful, forty-something-year-old woman out of Chicago. She's a gifted, self-taught innovator that has recently taken her flash of genius over to the literary side.

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The topic of her novel is nothing short of spectacular and terrifying! Get this, she has written about a team of fringe scientist that want to find Heaven and Hell. Yeah, I know...Who doesn't? The only difference is, they have devised a (scientifically applicable) way to do that. By the way, the book is called "The GOD Maps"

Kendall's Science Fiction may be a real-life fact. In a way, I'm joking and in a way, I'm not. Her fantasy has real-life implications per her conversation with an Astrophysicist, whom she ran some of her imaginary science too.

Kendall said, "During my conversation with this Scientist, I was going on and on, about my conjured up theories that make my book scientifically sound. She interrupted me and said that my theories are very applicable and could be submitted to NASA and/or other agencies like that as valid research topics. She said that one of the main products in my book could actually work, not necessarily to find Heaven but to go beyond our current time and travel limitations. That it could be a vehicle used to go beyond our known universe."

Besides that, her book is chalked full of bizarrely beautiful philosophical detours and science fiction explanations of biblical scripture. I was fascinated at the world that she manufactured to wiggle our minds into spaces that we didn't know that we should go. It was times that I had to remember that this is a Sci-Fi Book and not a non-fictional account.

Below is an excerpt that will make you really, really think.

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"Since the conception of man, there's a running understanding that no one can look directly into the face of God and survive (that's' clearly stated in the Bible). It's been shared with us, that the reason for this, is that God exists in the depth perceptions of the 33D (or the 33rd dimension).

Everyone is familiar with 1,2 and 3D. We are 3D creatures, living in a 3D world, but our eyes can only show us two dimensions. The miracle of our depth perception comes from our brain's ability to put together two 2D images in such a way, as to achieve third-dimensional depth.

The way a human brain works when presented with a puzzle, or any other visual confusion is to attempt to make sense of it. Assemble it in a way that we can understand it, and then ration with it, to obtain information for future recognition.

However, If we can only perceive in 2D…then to look upon something in "33D" would be catastrophic to our eyes and brains. One could say that it would be instantly devastating. There's a portion of our population that gets seizures when experiencing strobe light effects, now magnify that a million times; that's a recipe for instant death."

Look for her work in the Spring of 2019. You may find more about Kendall and her work at www.thegodmaps.com , Instagram: thegodmaps, Twitter: @thegodmaps

Source: Stravard Lux Publishing House Inc.

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Stravard Lux Publishing House Inc.

Source: Stravard Lux Publishing House Inc.
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