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Actress & singer Simonna is joining Michael Jackson's documentary

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LOS ANGELES - Jan. 19, 2019 - EntSun -- Singer Simonna(www.twitter.com/ (http://www.instagram.com/therealsimonna)simonna recently joined the upcoming Michael Jackson tribute documentary, "Mirroring Michael Jackson."

The film is a celebration of the King of Pop which showcases the greatest Michael Jackson tribute artists of all time. Simonna will be doing an original song for the soundtrack in loving memory of Michael and a music video featuring some of the MJ tribute artists. The film is directed by Christopher Broughton and produced by Kira Madallo Sesay. The soundtrack is being produced by Michael Jackson's bass player of ten years, Alex Al.

Simonna is very excited to be joining this documentary film honoring her idol Michael Jackson.

Here's what the producer has to say:

"Simonna was a natural fit for the "Mirroring Michael Jackson" film soundtrack because she and MJ have so many similar qualities. Like Michael Jackson, Simonna started her music career at a very early age (age 6), she is an extremely disciplined and hardworking performer, who cares deeply for protecting animals and the environment, as did MJ. An additional aspect of Michael I see in Simonna is that she is also a very spiritual, worldly person who has respect and love for people of all races." said Kira Madallo Sesay producer of "Mirroring Michael Jackson"

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Simonna Quote:

"I am the biggerst Michael Jackson fan. He is the king of pop, rock and soul, and one of the greatest artists in the entire history of music.  I look up to MJ. He was a leader. Since I was little, my family has always been getting me MJ's albums, movies, books & merchandise for holidays or birthdays. My family and friends know I'm a huge MJ fan.  That's why I can't even explain how happy I am to be joining this amazing documentary which is paying tribute to Michael Jackson and is honoring his legacy and amazing talent. I am so thankful to the movie producer Kira Madallo Sesay and director Christopher Broughton for including me in this celebration of Michael.

As an MJ fan, I'm grateful that they decided to honor Michael by creating this powerful tribute to the King of Pop. I couldn't be more excited to be a part of a film honoring my idol MJ."  - says Simonna

(About the project): A documentary about faithful Michael Jackson fans who devote their lives to honoring MJ's legacy by impersonating him as tribute artists. The film showcases the greatest Michael Jackson tribute artists of all time.

"Mirroring Michael Jackson"


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"Since Michael Jackson's passing, his legion of fans has looked to the MJ tribute artists for comfort and solace as a way to cope with their immense loss," Producer Kira Madallo Sesay of Kalliope Films

"We believe that now, more than ever before, the story of these remarkable and talented Michael Jackson tribute artists needs to be told. The film itself is a tribute. It is in loving memory of Michael Jackson. To be him is to honour him." - Producer Kira Madallo Sesay

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A bit more about Simonna:


Her support for Rita Ora (x-apple-data-detectors://23) went viral last fall:



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