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Accurate Psychic Predicts Serious Events Ahead for 2020

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Rick Tobin, Host of Destiny Echoes
March Just Beginning of Disasters and Calamities to Prepare for in U.S.

SAN ANTONIO - EntSun -- Rick Tobin, noted psychic and host of the show, "Destiny Echoes", released his new, shocking prediction show on March 20, (recorded in early March) entitled "2020 Predictions That Came True, and New Ones for the Next Six Months." In this episode, he proves his ability by first reviewing his earlier hits from a show recorded in December of 2019, including the selection of Joe Biden as the Democratic choice for the November Presidential elections (when there were still a dozen trying to get on the ballot, with no clear front runner), the coming major impact on the cruise-ship industry (which Coronavirus has now provided), the interruption of the supply chain to business, and a downturn in the stock market, but only as a major correction…not a collapse, and many more.

The new predictions, in a thirty-minute podcast, can be heard, free of charge, at:

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Rick's new predictions (many of which he hopes won't come true) include topics on crime, disasters, finances, disease, and other changes in the world that listeners must prepare for, without fear. Rick also notes he told contacts last fall to short the stock market for March and April this year, and prepare for impacts on food supplies. They were prepared and made money.

Rick has produced shows about the paranormal and the future since last year because he claims our dimension and another, nearby, are increasing their collision, which will ramp up our concept of time and open everyone to new paranormal experiences and powers. He interviews many who are now coming out and revealing their own experiences, many of whom have kept this knowledge and experience private as they led public lives. His goal is to prepare people for the changes without fear, so the evolution of humanity can be smooth, rather than chaotic.  All of his shows can be found free at the "Destiny Echoes" website at:

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Rick can be contacted via his website e-mail at: host@destinyechoes.com

Rick's many books can be found for sale at Amazon at:


Rick Tobin

Source: Destiny Echoes
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