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911 Operator Blows the Lid Off of UFO Coverups in New Video!

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911 operator finally breaks her silence about being one of hundreds of thousands to witness the 1997 "Phoenix Lights" in UFOs OVER PHOENIX: CONFESSIONS OF A 911 OPERATOR.

POMPTON PLAINS, N.J. - EntSun -- A 911 operator who witnessed the 1997 "Phoenix Lights" first-hand is sharing her experience for the very first time. After answering several calls from startled residents who saw the lights, she decided to investigate herself.

Now, she's opening up about what she saw, and adding her voice to the chorus of one of the most widely seen mass UFO sightings ever!

In the compelling new exposé from BayView Entertainment, UFOs OVER PHOENIX: CONFESSIONS OF A 911 OPERATOR she shares her story, while casting shadows over government transparency on the existence of UFOs.

This revealing exposé recounts the trail of lights that stretched for miles and miles and miles. While the government declared the lights to be merely flares, lights from flares start and stop at random points. Meanwhile, the phenomenon seen by the many witnesses consisted of perfectly aligned lights spanning nearly 300 miles!

Filmmaker, producer, director, and writer Clive Christopher Byfield presents 911 operator Elizabeth Compton's first-hand accounts of what happened that fateful March night, and also receives invaluable assistance and cooperation from retired Maricopa Country Sheriff, Joe Arpaio in telling the tale.

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With compelling evidence and eyewitness testimonies from trustworthy sources like local law enforcement and first responders mounting, the veracity of government officials is put into question. Watch UFOs Over Phoenix: Confessions of a 911 Operator and decide for yourself what really happened that night!

View the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMfpUHGOuL0

UFOs Over Phoenix: Confessions of a 911 Operator releases February 27 from Amazon, and March 26 on all AVOD platforms. A Bayview Entertainment release of an American River Media Group production.


Writer, director, producer Clive Christopher Byfield is an emerging expert in the field of UFOlogy. Born in South Philadelphia and raised in Arizona, he experienced the infamous Phoenix Lights event which sparked his interest in UFOlogy. A student of History with over 20 years researching the UFO/UAP phenomenon, he has been making documentaries since 2019. His 2022 debut film, Aliens Uncovered: ET or Man-Made garnered him worldwide recognition for categorizing aerial vehicles and what could be otherworldly. He has recently worked with contemporaries such as George Knapp and Tom King on major UFO projects and continues to make his mark in the field. The director is available for podcasts as well as editorial requests.

Source: Bayview Entertainment LLC
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