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037 | The importance of Innovation with Alberto Candiani of Candiani Denim

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TORONTO - EntSun -- When it comes to Italians, their reputation for quality, ingenuity, and innovation is par for the course, and today's guest is no different.

Home to the world's first compostable stretch denim, Candiani, (https://www.candianidenim.it/) a fourth-generation family business is a mainstay in the fashion world, working with the likes of Levies, Stella McCartney, Hugo Boss, among many other labels.

Its leader, Alberto, great-grandson to Candiani's original founder, developed a deep interest in product development and fabric engineering. His obsession with progress, innovation and sustainability in textiles has led his namesake business to develop its reputation as the greenest textile company in the blue World.

Now with the development of Coreva, the world's first biodegradable denim, the company is taking strides to emphasize sustainability in denim production to reduce the post-life impact of the garments created from textiles sourced from their mill.

I have to say, I learned a lot on this episode, much of which I thought I had a good understanding of, but Alberto truly is a nerd when it comes to the origins and evolution of what we know to be as "jeans". This episode truly inspired me to be more creative, more passionate, and to have more fun doing what we love. I hope you find it to do the same for you.

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On this episode, Alberto joined me from Florence to talk about the evolution of Candiani, the importance of innovation in businesses, and how a casual trip to his regular macelleria in Milan turned into the creation of Coreva, which will revolutionize the denim world.


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