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The Way We Think Impacts Every Aspect of Our Lives, and Our Mental Health is Dependent Upon What We Think.
The residents of Los Angeles county have not been forgotten during the coronavirus pandemic. Dove Bennett has paved the way making sure they have hot meals, even hand-delivering them herself.
LOS ANGELES - -- As fear and uncertainty spike, psychiatrist and coach Dr. Fred Moss introduces a medication-free prescription for hope, healing, and humanity in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. It's called the Welcome To Humanity podcast, and the...
Lessons learned from running over 45,000 miles and how the running community can help
LGBTQ model Izan Xander says popular social media platform blocked his account
Matthew Brickman, along with co-host Sydney Mitchell launch a new podcast aimed towards conflict resolution in situations of family and business matters.
VANCOUVER, British Columbia - -- Canadian Humanists are supporting calls from Humanists International to have Mubarak Bala released from a Nigerian jail. Bala, who is president of the Nigerian Humanist Association, was arrested by Nigerian police April...
The Platinum P Club – Membership Required - is the 70th published work available from Essense® bestselling author D T Pollard. To mark this milestone the Kindle ebook version is free for a limited time as an introductory promotion on Amazon.com. Hardcopy
Book by Pulitzer-Prize Winner Explores Complex Times and Crises
Rolling Stone Magazine dubbed Clay Roueche "Boss Weed" — now he's taken his zeal for achievement and turned it to creating vibrant art.
Stuck on the couch? spend time with Michael Griffin, America's Escape Hero as the 2-time winner of TV's World Magic Awards involves you with magic in your home during the quarantine.