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MIAMI - -- "Trustlessness" is a core component of crypto. This is a claim that trust can be placed in stable and secure blockchain systems, rather than selfish humans. But with growing complexity, competition and stakes, the need for trust in the humans..
NEW YORK - -- Worlds First NFT Art Club presents the Trina 10, a set a 1/1 NFT's inspired by Trina Rockstarr in collaboration with Zevi G, artist behind the 456 Collectors Club. "The evolution of the art scene becoming part of the metaverse has inspired..
When it comes to cryptocurrency, decentralized systems and blockchain technology there is one clear leader in the United States Government: Senator Cynthia Lummis. Right there at her side is Tyler Lindholm helping advancing the most pro-crypto regulations
Is the Metaverse Ready for a Metaphysical ART CLUB? Join the club to earn physical works of art tied to your NFT!
NEW YORK - -- 456 Collectors Club, a generative NFT collection by World Renowned artist, Zevi G, Sold Out its Presale Mint in under 72 hours. The collection sold 10% this past weekend to preregistered early investors at the price of 0.321 Ethereum. To...
Professor Strnad brings blockchain, legal, and business expertise to the Pledge Finance team
FairySwap successfully completed its first CertiK.io smart contract audit, working with the industry-leading firm to optimize security
2022 Conference will also offer a hybrid option with both focusing on helping women build legacies while learning to invest in cryptocurrency
CALIFORNIA CITY, Calif. - -- FairySwap, a new type of decentralized exchange with front-running resistance and programmable privacy, is debuting its mainnet product. To celebrate, they are launching a massive giveaway of 300,000 $FAIRY tokens, 3% of the..
The investment comes at the same time as multiple celebrity endorsements
Starting 28th December, users can now stake dQUICK on Dragon's Syrup Pool to earn $SNE!
The project, also featuring community members of World of Women and Wicked Craniums, represents a first-of-its kind creative and musical collaboration between some of the top NFT communities
Visitors to the billboard-like campaign in the Metaverse were greeted by several sky-high posters wrapped around TerraZero land parcels in Decentraland, as well as 'Glasses', a track of the new EP 'B4 AVA'
Brandon Sivret, CEO of Original Gamer Life, names CryptoTanks as the latest partner and addition to the OGLife Multiverse in line with the recent $TANK IDO launch
BITSGAP BOTS are set up to handle any crypto market situation
Original Gamer Life announces key partnership with Chain Ridge Capital in line with their preparation for the upcoming $OGL IDO launch and token sale plans
FTMO is seeking U.S. traders to trade their account, receiving up to 90% of the profits with FTMO covering any losses. Traders are able to receive $200,000 per account in trading capital, allowing them to trade their own strategy with no limits or restric
MONCTON, New Brunswick - -- Jason Bernard, CEO Elumicate Inc. (https://www.elumicate.com) Elumicate Announces New Strategic Direction Moncton, New Brunswick: Elumicate Inc. today announced that the organization has adopted a new strategic vision...
StrongNode.io and Original Gamer Life announce the extensive partnership with Magnus Capital ahead of $SNE post-IDO updates and the upcoming $OGL IDO plans
StrongNode and Original Gamer Life seal partnership with GAINS Associates in line with the $SNE post-IDO phase and upcoming $OGL IDO launch plans