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LONDON - -- Crowd for Angels presents five predictions for what might happen in the financial markets in 2020.
SigOne Capital, an Institutional Broker & Trading Desk for Digital Assets, Announces it is Being Purchased by DV Chain, an affiliate company to Chicago Based Proprietary Trading Firm, DV Trading and Newly Launched Crypto Exchange, DVeX
A new digital currency is offering faster transactions and lower fees. Bitcoin Token (BTCT) becomes popular today. The currency is an alternative of Bitcoin (BTC) for the fast transaction and lower fees.
SOUTHWARK, England - -- Today the Templar Fund, a publicly transparent Bitcoin Hedge Fund, announced earnings of 56.580% during their first year of public operation.
NEW YORK - -- In his first-ever video appearance, Satoshi Nakamoto speaks about his creation of Bitcoin and why he has ended his anonymity to restore his original vision for cryptocurrency and block chain technology.