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TORONTO - -- Everyone, at some point or another, gets under eye bags. You can get them for a number of different reasons. This can include not getting enough sleep, health reasons, your age, and genetics, but sometimes, it doesn't matter how much sleep...
NEW YORK - -- If you have not used magnetic eyelashes before, you may have some questions. We have covered a lot of FAQs in the FAQ area below, but we want to clarify some misunderstandings about magnetic eyelashes. QunkinGo magnetic lashes have...
FLORIDA, N.Y. - -- Wigs are very helpful when you are struggling with hair loss. Wigs are also a protective hairstyle when you want to use wigs to do some fresh styles without cutting or dyeing your own hair. As wigs are slowly being known and accepted...
During Summer's Hottest and Most Humid Months How to Humidity-Proof Your Tresses This Hot Season
TORONTO - -- Cleansing happens to be one of, if not the most important thing to do when it comes to your skincare. Experts and professionals all around the globe will also agree with this statement, and claim that it is important. You want to make sure...
UNice Mall Brand Day Super Sale! $100 Flash Sale & Buy 1Get 1FREE & $200 Coupon
SANFORD, Fla. - -- Women wearing wigs can change their appearance, and wigs can change their hairstyles without cutting or dyeing their hair. Wigs are a huge investment for many women who love beauty. Whether it is a synthetic wig or a human hair wig...
Maria Raquel Thomas, age 15, is a state finalist in the MISS MARYLAND TEEN USA® 2021 pageant and will compete for the title on July 24th & 25th, 2021 at The Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center in Bethesda, MD.
Innovative medical device Rhenium-SCT® therapy for non-melanoma skin cancer is now available in Australia
CARMEL, Calif. - -- After a period of silence, headband wigs became popular a long time ago. In the past 2020, it has once again become a hot topic. In the midsummer of 2021, it is still hot. What is a headband wig? Headband wigs are different from lace..
TORONTO - -- If you want to stop spending your time and money on razors or waxing, a perfect solution for your unwanted body hair is to get laser hair removal. This treatment is guaranteed to give you semi-permanent smooth hair free skin, unlike all the..
PETALUMA, Calif. - -- ATTENTION: Health & Beauty, Fashion, Wellness, Arts, Environment, Esoteric, Occult, Astrology, Mystical - Journalists & Editors from all print & online publications + All Lovers of Great Skincare. Petaluma, CA. July...
The Nicole Caroline Luxury Ice Facial Set is now available worldwide through major retailer, NET-A-PORTER
NEW YORK - -- The Bshani Radio App is on over 3 million smartphones worldwide and exclusively features the sexiest voice online: Bennie Love. Bennie Love is the host of the "Late Night with Bennie Love". Listeners everywhere are raving about Bennie's...
Coach Micheal Burt blends his basketball coaching knowledge with "inner-engineering" methodology to help people produce at a higher level. Be inspired as Coach Burt and Winn Claybaugh discuss their roles as leaders, mentors, coaches, and dads.
The startup retail brand aims to grow new health and beauty sales while raising money for honeybee research and awareness on the importance of pollinators.
Win numerous gift items like Apple Watch, Generators, Desktop PC, Brand New Shoe, and Cash Prizes up to $1,000 during the MissTraders Entrepreneurship Awards Banquet.
UNice had launched App for offering a more convenient shopping experience and favorable deals for customers.
TV Stars Unite at Heavenly Beauty Supply's Pop-Up Shop to Celebrate Together with the Community
Unleashed Fragrances was founded in 2020 with only one goal in mind: to deliver the world's best imitation perfume accurate smells at the most affordable prices.