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Dvorak Brings Over 20 Years of Executive Leadership Experience in Healthcare to Jintel Health
Afero Data Explorer reduces cost and complexity, accelerates data transformation with AI-ready structured data and easy-to-use data query
Growth-focused healthtech accelerator selects Digitize.AI from field of over 2,000 companies
Two groups of people dependent on AI for their survival, one group knowingly and the other unknowingly, struggle to stay alive while that very AI is seeking artificial life for itself.
STAMFORD, Conn. - April 3, 2019 - -- IronYun Inc., a global premier provider of AI analytics software for video search, physical security, and data investigation, announces today its OEM agreement with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to provide customers...
Powerfully Simple Predictive Analytics in Any Relativity Instance
Free tools & resources, blog posts, artificial intelligence, and much more.
An intelligent home for a dozen or so dollars - now it is possible. The new mobile application, Vision, allows you to create a home management center without destroying the walls in your home, and will turn the traditional home into the house of the futur
Healthcare A.I. firm sponsors 2019 HFMA conference, shares practical A.I. insights with revenue cycle leaders
Vooban & Agent Health to facilitate Artificial Intelligence (AI) uptake in the Life Sciences and Health Technology (LSHT) sectors
POCKETGUARDIAN®, a parental monitoring platform which detects and alerts on Cyberbullying and Sexting, announces award of U.S. Patent No. 10,198,667 for its Artificial Intelligence Offensive Content detection system.