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"You have to believe" – a faith enhancement

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LONDON - EntSun -- You have to believe. How many times you have heard that sentence, either in movies or in real life? How many times someone was saying that to you. Telling you to have faith. Why faith is so important? What it is and where it comes from? Can you boost it somehow? Want to know more? Read the rest of this post.

What is faith and where it comes from?

Ok now, what is faith? It is easy to search Google, Wikipedia, dictionary or some other source. You can learn from them that this is complete and utter trust either in someone or something. Quite a tedious definition. But how you would define faith? What does it mean for you? I am sure that you have some kind of definition that is appealing to you. Some kind of an idea or maybe a picture corresponding with faith.

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And no matter what it is as long as it is resonating with you. This is all it matters. Like with everything else in this life. Would you put all your energy into something you do not like? You do not believe? Would you put all your heart into something, that is not aligned with your beliefs? Is that true? Or rather you would prefer to feel that in your heart. That this is it. That this is something that you want to do...

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