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Our immune system is what keeps us fit and healthy and, for some of us, entering cold and flu season right now means we might be more susceptible to illness this time of year. Yoga can be an effective way to help boost your immune system when combine with a healthy diet and lifestyle; today we're looking at asanas to boost your immune system. But first, how?

The first way yoga boosts your immunity is through reduction of stress – when you stretch you are literally releasing stress and tension from your muscles, and it's been shown that high levels of stress can weaken your immune system. So, more yoga = less stress = stronger immune. Second, the practice of focusing on your breath, and synchronizing your breath and your movement in yoga, helps boost your respiratory function. If the immune system is weak, bacteria and viruses can enter our bodies via our respiratory tract, if we practice yoga regularly and build strong and healthy lungs, we put our selves in prime position to fight off these unwelcomed visitors. Third, yoga poses like twists bring circulation and energy to our vital organs. If we sit at a desk all day our energy doesn't get the opportunity to flow freely through our organs, and energy can become stagnant or blocked. So, when we twist and bend, we are gently massaging and stimulating this energy and bringing a fresh blood supply to our organs. And healthy organs = healthy you.

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Let's break it down: what yoga poses can you do to help boost your immune system.


Getting upside down in a Headstand, pressing into Downward Facing Dog, legs in the air for Viparita Karani, or even a deep forward fold like Uttanasana, all encourages the blood to flow in the opposite direction, stimulating the lymphatic system and draining our sinuses.


Take a Tadasana, Vrikshasana, or Utkatasana, and breathe deeply. These strengthening postures restore balance, build stamina, and improve your mental focus. When your body is balanced, your body is healthy.


Our digestive systems and vital organs play an important role in our immune health.  Taking a Supine Twist, a standing Revolved Triangle, or a seated Ardha Matsyendrasana will help you detox and massage all the important places.


Heart openers, like Camel, Cobra, and Cat-Cow are all great to increase circulation to the chest and lungs and spread healthy immune supporting cells – like antibodies and white blood cells – to this area and beyond.

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Using a practice like yoga can be a great way to support your immune health – whatever time of year. Combine these postures with a healthy diet and lifestyle, adopt a positive mental attitude about your body and well-being, and feel yourself balanced and healthy to give your immune system a boost this year.

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