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yahoo account recovery services?

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Yahoo is a popular American web service that has it's headquartered in California. It has introduced a yahoo email account. The main feature of yahoo email account is to send and receive the mails. Yahoo Account Recovery is easy and user-friendly. It also has extra features that make your task easier. If you are looking for a recovery process for the yahoo account please follow the below steps.

How to Recover Yahoo Account?

·        First of all, you need to visit the Yahoo login page.

·        There you will see the option to enter your email address and then continue it.

·        Now, it will ask you do you have access to this email or phone number".

·        Pick up the option "I don't have access to this email or phone number".

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·        Now, please enter an alternate email for verification.

·        You will receive a verification link on your email address.

·        Get the verification code.

·        Type the verification code and click on continue. At this point, your account is recovered.

·        Type and create a new password. Confirm the new password.

·        Click on continue. Login with the new password.

         Yahoo creates a safe and secure environment. To end all these issues, we have Yahoo Account Recovery. If you need assistance, please feel free to call Yahoo customer service. They will provide you the better solutions. You can also go to the help desk.stats
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