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Wildflower Bee Farm publishes new book "What Grandpa Learned from His Honeybees"

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CHATHAM, Ontario - EntSun -- As more than 54% of Canadians live paycheck to paycheck, looking into a beehive may help all of us survive the upcoming recession. Honeybees have very strict rules about how they take care of business. Honey is money to bees and here are a few examples of what they do that will help us.

1.     Enough honey to survive. Honeybees in Canada need from 50-75 pounds or more of honey stored for the winter. For our economic winter, we also need about 6 months of cash stored away. Set the goal of 6 months of cash for your needs.

2.     Live in the right place. When their house is no longer practical or safe, they move. They decide to move and do it quickly. While most of us complain about the high cost of rent, mortgage payments or food, we can listen to the bees and move. Move to a part of Canada that makes more economic sense.

3.     Know what is happening right now. Honeybees know every 15 minutes that their queen is safe. Even if there are 40,000 bees in a hive, they all receive that message. Do you know your financial status in real time, right now? What your bank balance, credit card balance and other living costs may be? Getting real time accurate information can help you adjust your spending to meet the new demands of the economy.

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4.     Little things over time become big things. Honeybees only collect a bit of nectar on each trip to a flower. Those trips a little bit at a time add up to over a hundred pounds of honey for a hive. You can start saving just a little bit at a time, that will with compounding interest, like the bees become a huge store. Regardless of your age, start now and take a bit out of each pay, or allowance and watch it grow.

5.     Recycle. Honeybees swarm and prefer to find a home that was recently occupied by bees. That is because it takes 7 pounds of honey to make one pound of wax. Bees know that if they can recycle the wax they will save a great deal of honey. You can also learn to recycle that will help you be smart with your money. Making soup from scratch that can provide more than one meal is ideal. Get a beef bone with some meat on it, cook the soup and then the next day use the meat to make delicious hamburgers. Cooking from scratch and planning more meals than one from that is a form of recycling.

We provide 10 strategies in our just released book: "What Grandpa Learned from His Honeybees: The little book to be smart with your money and help the environment."
To learn more http://wildflowerbeefarm.com

Henry Svec

Source: Wildflower Bee Farm
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