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What makes ethnic rhinoplasty so challenging?

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HOUSTON - May 24, 2019 - EntSun -- Ethnic rhinoplasty is considered to be one of the most challenging procedures out there to most facial plastic surgeons.   There is a broad range of patients who would fall under the category for "Ethnic Rhinoplasy" such as, Asian, African/ African American, Mediterranean/Middle-Eastern and Hispanic/Latino. Thickened nasal tip skin as well as wide nostrils characterize a majority of these types of patient's noses.

However, is that in all cases? No, it really varies from their heritage background and what also lies underneath the skin, from the bone structure of their full face to the amount of nasal cartilage a patient may have or may not have.

Considering rhinoplasty on an ethnic patient should mainly preserve their ethnic traits and aim more to restore a more harmonious balance to their face.   Knowing the ins and outs of grafting to lengthen a nose, build up a bridge, or to refine a nasal tip is truly an artistic ability that should be only placed in the hands of a skilled facial plastic surgeon.   Whether your goal is to have more of a Caucasian nose or maintain your ethnic identity and seeking refinement, this is an important discussion you should have when meeting with your surgeon.

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Houston has such a diverse population with many ethnicities and different types of ethnic noses.  Due to the uniqueness of these types of noses, Dr. Etai Funk's techniques are one of a kind and are highly sought after. Giving these patients a more natural, balanced result without erasing their ethnic traits.  To learn more about what makes Dr. Funk's ethnic rhinoplasty approach different visit our link below.


Leah Boyle

Source: Funk Facial Plastic Surgery
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