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"Welcome to LIFE-in-HOT-pursuit" states Joey L. Dowdy aka Drdancer

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Famed Choreographer, Host, Fitness Motivator, and Coach the Stars Joey L. Dowdy says "It's Time You Turn Up The Heat and Claim Your Prize As The Chase For Happiness and Big Success Is Well within Your Reach!"

PASADENA, Calif. - July 5, 2018 - EntSun -- Did you know there are million- dollar ideas all around you? Yet the question is, do you see them? Did you know that your big opportunity or golden moment is where you are right now? And it could be sending you signals in different ways such as an idea, a vision, a dream, a hunch, or a notion. And if so, it could only mean one thing, "You Might Be on to Something."

However, if you want to be a success in life know that you'll never get there by being content or complacent. Which is what Joey L. Dowdy clarifies in his new video, "LIFE-in-HOT-pursuit!" "He says you must be willing to Make a Move, and it starts with not only having a deep desire to achieve more but it's also about the Chase to Cross The Finish Line. Yet the key to your success and not falling by the wayside is to Keep Your Eyes on The Prize. Nonetheless, that begins with having an appetite or hunger to devour the knowledge and develop the skills needed to win the race and therefore claim your prize."

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For example: If your goal is to get slim and trim you must learn to Intensify Your Healthy Intentions by getting a plan and sticking with it no matter what in order to "See Change Happen!" Or to Set Fire to Your Passion or Dream the secret is to rock to the beat of your heart. Know that now is the time to Crank Up Your Courage and go for that dream job. No more sitting on the sidelines to simply watch life, people, and opportunities pass you by. You need to put faith over fear and execute that potential life-changing and or money-making idea swirling around in your head. It's time you "Put It to Work!"

Joey says,"I know you're afraid that people will laugh at you and possibly think you're a little "Koo Koo" for having such ambition and drive. Yet that's okay; let them laugh at one hungry fool who'll one day be laughing too. Yet, this time, the joke will be on them when they discover they've been left behind and see your feet crossing the finish line."

For more inspiration please check out his new video.https://youtu.be/yzU7W4BfLRs

Joey L. Dowdy/Artist Director

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