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TVS Television Network to Add Three More 24/7 FAST Sports Channels on WatchYour.TV in 2024

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TVS Bowling Illustrated Channel to Debut in January; TVS Horse Racing Channel to Debut in April, and TVS Wrestling Channel to Debut in July 2024, expanding the TVS Sports Network Bundle to Ten Channels on WatchYour.TV, Powered by Tulix

CANTIL, Calif. - EntSun -- TVS Television Network is adding three more 24/7 FAST streaming channels to their TVS Sports Network bundle on WatchYour.TV, powered by Tulix, in 2024. TVS Bowling Illustrated Channel will debut in January 2024. TVS Horse Racing Channel will Debut in April 2024. TVS IWA Wrestling Parade Channel will debut in July 2024.  All will be on the WatchYour.TV platform, powered by Tulix..

These  TVS FAST channels will join the TVS Sports Network bundle on WatchYour.TV. They join  TVS Tavern TV Channel, TVS Classic Sports Channel, TVS Boxing Channel, TVS TeleSports Channel, TVS Women Sports Channel, TVS Turbo Channel, and TVS All American Channel.

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This expands the TVS Sports Network bundle of 24/7 streaming channels on WatchYour.TV to ten channels. In all there are 40 channels on the platform, including movies, classic TV, lifestyle, and music channels.

The TVS Television Network is the fourth oldest commercial broadcast TV network in the USA. It was founded in 1960 and has produced thousands of sports, music, and entertainment shows for broadcast, cable, OTT, home video, mobile, FAST, PPV,SVOD, VOD, and OOH networks.

TVS First Look Originals produces more than 1,000 shows yearly from TVS Studios in  Las Vegas,  Atlanta, Philadelphia, Hollywood, Bakersfield, and Cantil. TVS has produced sports, entertainment, lifestyle, and music TV shows from more than 40 casinos across the USA, including a dozen Indian Casinos.


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Source: TVS Television Network

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