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Top And Famous Paintings By Andy Warhol

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If you are an art lover, then you must have heard about Andy Warhol.So, who is he? Andy Warhol was an American artist and a leading figure of the Pop Art Movement. He was so famous, and so is his art – many refer to him as the Pope of Pop Art. He was known for his artistic prowess and came up with varied artworks. From fictional characters to iconic objects and traditional subjects, his painting revolutionized the perception of art.

Here are some of his most magnificent paintings.

Banana (1966)

Andy Warhol became associated with 'The Velvet Underground', a certain where he became their manager in the year 1965.His banana portrait appeared in the band's debut album that was known as 'The Velvet Underground & Nico. The album ranked so high, and the banana portrait became some of the greatest pop artworks.

Mickey Mouse (1981)

Andy Warhol also created 'Myths-series', that contained that featured silkscreen portraits of fictional characters taken from the pop culture. He laid every painting with diamond dust making them shine soft, wavering light. One of the characters he picked includes Disney's Mickey Mouse, that become so popular.

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The Big Electric Chair (1967)

Back in 1963, the last two deaths by the electric chair occurred in New York State. Andy Warhol went ahead and got a photograph of the execution chamber. He used the photo to come up with a series of paintings that depicted the chair as a death metaphor. He made his voice heard on the death penalty controversy through art. The big electric chair was one of the most iconic pieces in the series.

Coca Cola (3) (1962)

One of the iconic American objects that caught Warhol's fancy is the coca cola bottle. To better explain this, one of his famous quotes revolves around this.The Coca Cola (3) is hand-painted, unlike the others that are silkscreened. This piece of art was sold at a whopping $57.2 million, making it one of the most expensive paintings Warhol has ever done.

Endangered Species (1983)

The endangered species are some of his most influential pieces of art. It raised and continues to raise the awareness of animals facing extinction all over the world.In this series, Warhol focused on the animals in the 1973's act of endangered species. Edward Kurstak is your website for buying the best artwork by best artist Andy Warhol.

The campaign depicted the endangered species as a humanitarian matter. Just like other pieces of his work, the series experienced some great success.stats
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