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Tired of smelly shoes? This company wants to solve the problem once and for all

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - March 10, 2017 - EntSun -- Argyle Sundries, a men's lifestyle company based in northern Virginia, has just released their first product, Foundation - a premium shoe odor eliminating powder.

The idea for the product began a couple of months ago when Nick Argyle had a couple of friends over for dinner in his Alexandria, VA apartment. One of them, immediately after coming in the door, apologized and said he'd need to leave his shoes in the restroom. "The smell coming from the shoes was strong enough to completely kill my appetite," said Argyle, who himself had the same problem with shoe odor in the past.

A few years before the dinner, after being unhappy with all of the readily available over-the-counter shoe powders, Nick decided to research other options. Eventually, he stumbled across Zinc Oxide, an antibacterial and absorbent powder that was, for him, the first thing that really worked. He bought a big bag of the powder and began using it himself, reapplying it to his shoes every few months as the need arose. The odor was gone, and stayed gone for a long time.

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After his friends left the apartment, Nick realized that there were likely a large number of men out there who, like him, were disappointed in all of the shoe powders they'd tried. Realizing that he had a solution that could likely help thousands, he began working on new formulas. While the powder alone eliminated odor, it didn't exactly make your shoes smell good. He believed that men who would invest hundreds of dollars into fashionable shoes would demand more than just a bag of unscented powder. He began adding skin soothing oils and fragrances to the powder, eventually deciding on sandalwood as an ideal scent for the first version of the product. A cedar version is also in the works.

Once the new formula was perfected, Nick had the product bottled, labeled, and made it available for purchase at https://argylesundries.com. The powder, which can eliminate foot odor from shoes for up to two months after just two uses, is available for only $9.99 a bottle plus shipping.

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