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Times Square In 3D - Releasing on DVD November 7th, 2023

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Times Square in 3D, a new 3D multi-media project, transports viewers to the heart of New York City.

NEW YORK - EntSun -- Get ready to be transported to the vibrant heart of New York City in a way viewers have never seen before. "Times Square in 3D," the groundbreaking new documentary from acclaimed filmmaker Dwayne Buckle in collaboration with 360 Sound and Vision and 3D Dreams, is set to dazzle audiences worldwide. This visually immersive journey through the iconic Times Square captures the essence of its electric energy and cultural significance, offering an unprecedented 3D experience that will leave viewers in awe.

About "Times Square in 3D"
The movie transports spectators on a thrilling journey through Times Square's busy streets. This documentary further explores this well-known destination's history, evolution, and fascinating stories. Through expertly captured 3D visuals, the documentary captures the dazzling lights, the energetic crowds, and the rich tapestry of cultures that converge in this global hub.

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The Collaborators:
This cinematic marvel is a result of the visionary partnership between three creative powerhouses:

1. 360 Sound and Vision:
360 Sound and Vision is a leading entertainment company known for its innovative approach to storytelling. With a history of producing high-quality content that pushes boundaries, the company has again raised the bar with "Times Square in 3D." This documentary is a testament to their commitment to delivering captivating experiences to audiences.

2. 3D Dreams:
3D Dreams specializes in cutting-edge 3D technology, consistently redefining the boundaries of visual storytelling. Their expertise in creating immersive 3D content has added a new dimension to "Times Square in 3D," making it a truly captivating and unforgettable experience.

3. Director Dwayne Buckle:
Dwayne Buckle, a visionary filmmaker with a knack for capturing the pulse of a city, has skillfully directed "Times Square in 3D." The documentary is expertly handled by Buckle, who enjoys telling stories and has a strong eye for detail. His ability to capture the energy of Times Square and portray it in a revolutionary 3D manner is evidence of his creativity and dedication.

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On November 7, 2023, "Times Square in 3D" will be releasing and will be accessible via DVD, streaming services, digital download, internet TV, and even virtual reality. The DVD edition comes with two sets of 3D glasses so that spectators can fully enjoy the documentary's captivating images.

Purchase on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Times-Square-3D-Various/dp/B0CBQ99T2D

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Experience "Times Square in 3D" and take a tour through the center of New York City like no other. Please contact the following for media queries, interviews, or other information:http://www.360soundandvision.com/Movies.html

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