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This Brand Made the Skincare Industry Transparent

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NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, U.K. - EntSun -- The skincare game has changed forever. Years ago, skincare was something many of us were involved in, but with little understanding of ingredients and what would suit our individual needs.

Here, we look at how skincare brands are becoming more transparent.

Where it started

Brands were either instrumental in this new norm of skincare or are having to keep up with the shift in the industry. Thanks to the likes DECIEM's The Ordinary, this brand helped a new generation of consumers gain a genuine interest in and understand ingredients in an easy-to-access way. Not only did they change the way information about skincare ingredients was delivered to us, but they were also offered at incredibly low prices – for example, hyaluronic acid, retinol, vitamin C, niacinamide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid. The Ordinary transformed our opinions on expensive products with meaningless ingredients list being the most effective as more of us opted for cheaper and transparent products.

The branding doesn't contain vague and over the top promises, no added fragrances, no fancy bottle that probably cost more to make than the product itself. The products come in scientific pipettes with descriptions that are clear and straight forward with application instructions.

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A new beauty trend

The skincare industry has boomed over the last year, and it's safe to say we're becoming a world of skincare lovers if we weren't before. Whether we're looking for tan lotion (https://tan-luxe.com/the-store/) with nourishing oils or acid peels for our face, the skincare industry has everything we need for great skin. What once was a beauty industry dominated by makeup is now an industry that is having to adapt to our growing interest in simple and effective ingredients that improve the skin. More and more of us are building on our knowledge about what is best for our skin and which brands are pulling wool over our eyes with empty promises and expensive price tags.

Years ago, if we wanted flawless skin, we'd be under the misconception we should be buying the most expensive moisturiser from designer brands or splurging hundreds on something that probably wouldn't work. No longer are we stuck with empty promises and expensive price tags.



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