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Third Volume of The Year of the Red Door Has Been Released

A Distant Light by William Timothy Murray has been released worldwide.

ATHENS, Ga. - June 1, 2016 - EntSun -- A Distant Light is the third volume of the five-part epic The Year of the Red Door. The main character, Robby Ribbon, has proof that dreamwalking is real. And he is beginning to learn how to do it.

As he and his companions continue westward, Robby's secret dreamwalking lessons begin. Soon his skills will exceed those of his teacher. His companions do not know that Robby is testing his limits. They watch with dismay as he grows weaker day by day. But they, too, are being tested.

Ullin leads them onward, but a dark apparition dogs him, bent on driving him into madness. Sheila seems to be the target of Ullin's growing despair, but she finds herself attracted to him. Billy and Ibin look on as the friendship that binds them all together is strained to the breaking point.

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Yet they must carry on toward Griferis. The grassy plain holds its own dangers, and they must cross paths with raging stampedes, Dragonkind, two great armies preparing for battle, and a monster made of vines and human flesh. As well, the Unknown King has learned about the conspiracy against him, and he has issued a summons for Robby and his company. Now, those who would otherwise be Robby's allies are sworn to apprehend him.

Their only hope is to flee into an enchanted forest, one filled with sadness, resentment, and anger. It is a place from which few ever emerge. Yet, strangely, the forest may offer unexpected refuge and healing.

Peril after peril await. And greatest among these is a fanatical soldier who serves the Unknown King. It is not his aim to arrest Robby, as the King has ordered, but to assassinate him and all others in his company.


About The Year of the Red Door

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The Year of the Red Door has come.

This is the story of the final 244 days.

In the spirit of J.R.R. Tolkien and Charles Dickens comes a new heroic tale, a story of ageless love and brave determination, of tragic loss and the hope of redemption. During this quest, mythic powers arise from the ancient past, fate collides with destiny, and the world edges swiftly to its final destruction or to its ultimate fulfillment. Only the Bellringer can tip the balance of fate, but the world is almost out of time...

For information, book trailers, and more, visit The Year of the Red Door.

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