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The Most Divisive Election In American History Is Behind Us

The elections are over, yet unprecedented outrage, bitterness and discord continue. The time to restore unity is NOW. Irrespective of her guilt or innocence, a blanket pardon for Hillary would help avert further chaos and aid in reuniting the USA. You can add your voice. Here are two direct contact links to the White House.

LA JOLLA, Calif. - Nov. 13, 2016 - EntSun -- Artists from around the world offered images of their art, royalty free, to support candidates on ArtForTheUSA.com, a MISSIonLINE.com project. Now we are calling on President Obama to help restore unity by pardoning Hillary Clinton. Anyone, anywhere, can cut, paste, Tweet and SHARE the messages below. No matter which you select, the MISSIonLINES® BipartisanBest.com and ReturnSanity.com both go directly to the President.

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A blanket pardon for Hillary, PLEASE Mr. President! Not for Democrats or Republicans, but for America. Click BipartisanBest.com to ask.

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Irrespective of her guilt or innocence, a blanket pardon for Hillary would avert chaos and reunite the USA. POTUS: ReturnSanity.com

Facebook friends, please share either message with your friends, and ask that they, in turn, share it with theirs.

Mr. Trump, will you join us in Tweeting this? Irrespective of any question of guilt or innocence, any further investigations of Secretary Clinton can only inflame and thus divert attention from your first hundred days. Either message is ready to be cut and pasted anywhere. Please Tweet it, share it, or post it.

Just as Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon to end discord and restore national harmony, Mr. President, you can dignify the closing days of your administration by averting the incalculable National disharmony that any further investigations of Hillary Clinton will inevitably provoke.

Photo: 'Be Nice' by Debby and Larry Kline says it all: It is time to put Congressional investigations and special prosecutors behind us and to come together again as a nation. While we do not believe that Hillary Clinton has done anything criminal, we believe that this will restore unity.

Aldis Browne


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