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The Media: Foe To Presidents & Small Business Owners

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NEW YORK - EntSun -- Americans overwhelmingly prefer the principle of private property — that wealth belongs to those who produce it. The reasons are pragmatic. Before an economy can have a distribution problem, there must be a product to be distributed. No other incentive keeps people continually interested in doing those things that encourage production as sought after wealth, or money, that their labor or property has brought into being. The principle of private property is embraced by socialists and capitalists all the same. Private property is also the ethical heart of the labor movement, and argues that every worker owns his or her own labor power and is thus entitled to receive, as a right, all of the wealth his or her labor produces in the marketplace. The private property principle makes it possible to objectively determine economic value and competitive markets. Without competitive markets, how can we determine the price of the items we buy and sell? If not, distribution of goods would be settled by brute force or arbitrary opinion (Trump's tariffs).

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Both Donald Trump and I use social media to try to shape opinions. As the owner of an organic juice bar, I use Twitter to put the audience at the center and with work, do a better job at reaching my intended market.  On LinkedIn, I've written over 60 articles easily assessable to existing and potential customers. Our typical patron is interested in a healthy balanced life style consisting of healthy food options, exercise and consciousness. By posting original articles reflecting my customer's interest on Facebook, Instagram, google, and Twitter regularly, my brand's exposure has increased exponentially.  I commonly create content to increase brand awareness and sales (online, print, radio and television) A new recipe or the smoothie of the day are common go to's to promote healthy food choices. Instructional videos on exercise are everywhere and also promotes desired healthy lifestyle. These videos are featured in ad spots during shows Stoop Juice intended demographic is likely to view.

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A huge obstacle to normalizing the balanced lifestyle I promote is the few TV series, reports and features which encourage thoughtfulness, self awareness and consciousness. Donald Trump also regularly complains about the media too. The owners of the media are usually large corporations whose primary focus is .... continue reading http://stoopjuice.com/the-media-the-foe-of-a.pdf follow on instagram https://www.instagram.com/jose.franco.uspresident2020/

Jose Franco

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