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'The Lives We Live' A Reality Show Hits the Blogosphere

Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger once again breaks new ground in the world of blogging and social media, producing another first, This time, he brings the reality show format to The Neighborhood blog

EntSun - Jul. 14, 2015 - SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- 'The Lives We Live' is the very first reality show in the blogging format. Nine brave souls have chosen to live their lives out loud, including: a husband & wife and her brother from Denver, a former madam from Sacramento, a recent college graduate from Baton Rouge, an illustrator from Fort Mojave, Arizona, a Nashville recording artist from Lumber City, Georgia. a young man from Lagos, Nigeria and a mysterious woman from Arad. Romania. Inspiration, entertainment, frustration or boredom, when asked what can viewers/readers expect, Kendall F. Person, the shows creator answers with a smile, "I have no idea, but it has been great communicating with each of them and, we haven't missed yet."

Person and a host of The Neighborhood's resident artists have been promoting the show for weeks, throughout social media, with an emphasis on Facebook where it has captured a certain buzz. On July 15, all nine "cast" members will be introduced in either short video, audio or written segments. Each was given the same parameters: to be open and honest, in telling the world something about their lives that is ongoing right now.

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But with each contributor living thousands of miles apart, their paths may never cross, making the 'Dismissal' episodes a challenge, but Person developed a plan. Using reader comments, measurable insights throughout social media - in which The Neighborhood maintains a presence - and the opinion of a panel of reality show enthusiasts, the feedback will be spun together to measure audience engagement, which will determine, who will stay and who will be dismissed.

'The Lives We Live' -  A Reality Show, debuts July15, with the Dismissal announcement arriving on July 17. Follow Boards with all nine of the contributors photos are posted throughout social media and iin The Neighborhood's VIP Lounge. A red 'X' will cover the face of the dismissed person, and as the show progressives, and viewers come to know each one, a special goodbye tribute post will also be published.

"The participants are very excited to be included in something that has never been imagined before," states Person. 'The Lives We Live' is without a doubt The Neighborhood's biggest risk. Not only does it have to maintain and grow its readership, but it also has to keep the participants interested, since they are not trapped on an island or locked in a house or fighting for a million dollar cash prize.

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But The Neighborhood's entire existence is based on taking chances and Person believes this time is no different. "Blogging has become its own mainstream." He believes, like Youtube, the Indie Film industry and self-published authors, the blogosphere is destined to create its own stars. 'The Lives We Live' may prove him right or could be the first disaster of The Neighborhoood's unblemished run.

'The Lives We Live' debuts July 15 with the Dismissal annoucement on July 17. Only in The Neighborhood at http://thepublicblogger.com/

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