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The "Do's" & "Don'ts" One Should Not Forget in a Long-Distance Relationship

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Love and relationship are magically sensitive aspects in an individual's life. It can make you feel on the top of the world in one moment and just in another, can turn you into a severe depressive person. And, that's what makes it wonderful. However, it could sound scary when we talk about "Long-distance relationship." The first thing that comes to mind is, IT WON'T WORK OUT, right? However, those who are in a long distance relationship knows that small things matter the most here. Surprise them through online birthday cake delivery in Delhi or give them a surprise visit if possible, these gestures act as a pillar of strength in a long distance relationship.

Not being able to see your partner for a long time could be frustrating and irritating. No matter how much you fight when you and your partner meet, but their physical presence matters a lot, right? Hence, one must be aware of these DO'S and DON'TS in a long-distance relationship.

So, let's get started!!

Do: Skype

Well, having face time with your loved one once or twice a week makes your bond with your partner super strong. It is quite an obvious fact that everyone is busy in their respective lives, but making time out of your hectic schedule for your partner is no less than a special gesture. It will eventually make them realize that they are very important for you and also, they will appreciate your efforts.

Don't: Impose yourself on your partner every second or every day

At times, you might get the feeling that distance is drifting your partner apart. Naturally, your defense mechanism will automatically instruct you to talk to them more and more to make sure; they are not going anywhere. However, this won't help you save your relationship in any means; instead, it could suffocate your relationship. Yes, that True! Your partner will feel that his/her freedom is being snatched away. This could put more strain on your relationship, so, it is advisable that communication in excess is deleterious for a relationship.

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Do: Surprise your partner with a surprise visit

Of course, this can vary for every couple depending upon their distance. For instance, if your partner lives a few hours away from you, then it is possible for you two to visit each other a few times a month. However, in some cases, distance means different states or countries. Here, frequently visiting each other does not sound practical right? So, not seeing your sweetheart for months is understandable here but do try to meet whenever possible.

Don't: Get frustrated

See, it is normal to get frustrated due to the distance easily. It could get even worse when you want to wrap your arms around the person you lobe the most but cannot because of the distance barrier. This could lead to unnecessary conflicts between you and your partner, which is quite okay but only to an extent. However, it would be best if you keep yourself and your optimistic and calm in handling these situations well. It is important to understand for a couple in a long distance relationship that distance is a temporary phase that shall pass too.

Do: Send packages of Love

You may miss many important things due to physical distance, right? Like watching movies together, having breakfast and lunch together, planning candles light dinner with your partner, and what not? But this an inevitable disadvantage of a long-distance relationship and you simply cannot help it. So, what you can do is, surprise your love by sending them cute and special gifts. To quote you an example: if your partner is feeling low or had a bad day at the office or something, order cake online in Delhi and send it to your partner. You can also send them their favorite book or collection of your favorite songs in a Pendrive. These things may not be materialistic but are very impactful.

Don't: Be that crazy jealous lover!

Honestly, a jealous lover is creepy. I am not denying that being jealous is part and parcel of a relationship. Jealousy is okay rather it is cute sometimes but if jealousy turns into over-possessiveness than you and your partner could possibly end up killing each other. You must learn to understand and deal with the jealousy factor in a way that it does not hamper the positivity in your relationship. Consider talking out your heart rather than acting all weird and crazy.

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Do: Appreciate the distance

I know, this may sound rubbish to all the couples in a long distance relationship right now, and you might not be saying good things about me. But, indeed, it is an important aspect! Not to forget the famous saying, "Love knows not distance; it hath no continent; its eyes are for the stars. -Roger de Bussy-Rabutin." If you think deeply, the words carry the key to maintain a healthy and stable relationship. Love is love, and it does not understand any distance and barrier. Instead of cribbing over the distance, take it as an opportunity to test your love through thick and thin. Appreciate your relationship with your partner every night before going to bed.

Don't: Forget the special dates

If you are bad with memorizing important dates of your relationship such as your anniversary, birthdays, etc, then I must tell you, you could land yourself in grave danger. Do wish your sweetheart on every occasion. If you are not together on special days such as anniversaries, you can send them handmade gifts, or you can also go for midnight cake delivery in Delhi and celebrate your togetherness from a distance. Looking for Harry Potter's wand to perform some magic to keep your relationship smooth and everlasting? I can bet you on anything, these things are the practical solution to your problems.

Conclusion: Nobody wishes for a long distance relationship, right? The craving of your partner could be no less than torture itself. However, a few things are inevitable and we ultimately have to accept them. One of them is a long distance relationship. I have tried my best to walk you through all the DO'S & DON'TS in a relationship, and I hope they could help you in any way.

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