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The Anniversary of Fukushima 311 and the 2020 Olympics

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On this somber anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, concerns raised about the safety attendees at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, especially now that some games are scheduled to be physically held in Fukushima

NEW YORK - March 11, 2019 - EntSun -- Today, on the anniversary of the horrific nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan, author of  "Fukushima 311: Is the enduring aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster killing off the Earth?," Col. Walter T. Richmond, issued a reminder that Fukushima unleashed the largest amount of radioactive material ever discharged into the ocean in recorded history and that the release continues to this very day.

Richmond explains that while the authorities are claiming everything is safe for visitors, he isn't convinced. "To this day, Japanese citizens with Geiger counters are recording unsafe radiation levels in surprising places across Japan. The radioactive waste hasn't been fully contained and some of it is on the move again, whether by wind or rain, and settling especially in forests and parks."

Asked what the implications might be for the 2020 Olympics, Richmond wonders if the Japanese government is simply "hoping that everything settle down and the excitement around the 2020 Olympics will overshadow any real health concerns. Frankly I get it. The 2020 Olympic Games are a critical economic and morale booster."

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The author also pointed out that since "the health effects and cancers from nuclear radiation exposure can take years to manifest, chances are people won't get sick immediately, if ever. But why would anyone roll the dice on their health? The research we did for this book paints a very disturbing radioactive picture compared to the marketing hype coming out of Japan." That the authorities were often not forthcoming or transparent about the gravity of the actual crisis has Richmond equally concerned, saying, "After the anomalies we found during our 311 research, plus the serious concerns and red flags raised by the United Nations recently, we have little faith in official claims that aren't corroborated by independent outside sources. The time to ask hard questions is now, not after the Olympics."

FUKUSHIMA 311: Is the enduring aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster killing off the Earth? by Col. Walter T. Richmond available exclusively at Amazon https://amzn.to/2Wt3ttp

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