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Technicolor's Brian Frager: In the Wild West of Immersive Media, Technology in Support of Innovative Storytelling Will Determine Success

"Content creators need to embrace the audience, inspire a sense of awe and wonder, experiment with new technologies and gaming engines..and push boundaries."

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - Sept. 17, 2017 - EntSun -- -- IBC 2017 – Immersive media, which uses multimedia virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to deepen audience engagement by submerging them into real-time, interactive narratives, will fundamentally change the way filmmaking and storytelling is created and consumed, says Brian Frager, Lead Experience Producer at the Technicolor Experience Center (TEC), in a podcast interview for journalists.

The Technicolor Experience Center (TEC) is at the forefront of this new medium, and is advancing innovative storytelling through the use of cutting-edge technologies, partnerships and education.

"Narrative is hugely important for immersive media to deepen engagement and to keep people coming back," says Frager. "So far, a lot of the innovations we've seen are at a technical level. We're still finding the right language to convey traditional stories and pull people in emotionally into this whole new world. It's really the wild west in terms of experimentation and narrative.  However, we're excited to explore all facets of traditional story structure and experimental story design."
According to Frager, content creators need to embrace the audience, inspire a sense of awe and wonder, experiment with new technologies and gaming engines, and push boundaries. "This is a whole new 3D world, where suddenly nothing is trapped on a screen anymore. We're not just staring down at our phones, interacting with a flat screen. That said, we need to reinvent the language for how we interact with everything around us once it's in 3D space."

To that end, Technicolor is actively training many members of its own team on game engines and real-time interactivity, something Frager suggests a lot of companies do. "The capabilities of these game engines are incredible. Reality engines would be a better name for them, as they will represent all aspects of digital life in the future. It's just a huge canvas that is worth exploring and is going to be one of the key tools going forward in this VR revolution."

Frager also is experimenting with location-based technologies that let content creators custom-tailor a story to a space and create a mixed-reality experience. Technicolor is partnering with a variety of industry players, from small, niche companies to well-known hardware and software vendors, to foster innovation in immersive media.
"We're super excited about this future. It's absolutely going to change computing, storytelling and the way we interact with the world," Frager says.  "At the Technicolor Experience Center, we encourage any partners or businesses who want to engage with us on a proof of concept to reach out, because we're always looking for what's next on the cutting edge."

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Source: Technicolor

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