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Spark Naturals Essential Oil Infused Spices First To Hit Market

Essential oil infused spices bring more flavor & aromatic experience to kitchen


SPARK Naturals has created a new innovative and exciting product line that perfectly harnesses the benefits of essential oils. Naterre essential oil Infused Spices fit perfectly into modern cuisine, and are ideal for those seeking healthier lifestyle choices, without compromising on taste.

SPARK Naturals is the first and only essential oil company offering a line of spices infused with essential oils and has plans to extend the range further in future, based on their innovative approach.

Committed to making use of naturally sourced ingredients, SPARK Naturals has received widespread praise for their natural health approach, ensuring their products are of the highest quality, taste great, and are competitively priced.

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While the use of essential oils is not new, their inclusion in gourmet, natural products, such as these, is. These time-tested ingredients are now available in a range of products that are both accessible and affordable.

The gourmet essential oil infused spices are available in Salt Pepper & Lime, Mexican Spice, All-Purpose Spice, Italian Spice, Omaha Prime Blend, Bakers Delight and No-Salt blend. The initial 7 blends fit into any culinary application. With a retail price at just $6.99, the products are set to be extremely popular, making healthy eating taste better than ever.

The brand bridges the gap between flavor and wellness, utilizing essential oils that not only provide a wealth of health benefits but add aromatherapy into the kitchen cooking experience.

SPARK Naturals mission is to help consumers achieve the seemingly elusive 'balance' into their lives, allowing people to reap the benefits of natural aromatic essential oils. Dedicated to innovation and research, the company is committed to finding ways to promote health and wellness without hormone injected or pesticide-drenched alternatives.

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In addition, the company only uses essential oils that are regarded as safe for internal use following the US pharmacopeia, and each product is tested and validated with GC/MS testing.

"Today's modern world surrounds us with a harmful cocktail of toxins, pollutants, and hazardous chemicals," says Kimble Smith, CEO, Spark Naturals.

"This constant barrage weakens our body's defense system, reducing our ability to fight illness. Here at Spark Naturals Essential Oils, we are using centuries old knowledge to create modern, innovative ways to keep you and your family healthy, and also to make foods & wellness taste great," he added.

Find out more by visiting the website at www.sparknaturals.com.

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