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Some Essential Things We All Should Know Regarding the Handling of an Emotional Support Animal

The presence of animals has been proven to be therapeutic for the patients of some kinds of psychological disabilities. In the animal assisted therapy, the pets or the favorite animals of the patients are recommended to keep always around the patients in order reduce their stress and bring desirable mental comfort. Here we are presenting some important facts we should know about this treatment:

Service animal and not a pet

The animals used in the animal assisted therapy or the pet therapy are regarded as service animals and not as ordinary pets. They are known by the name of Emotional Support Animal or ESA because of the soothing assistance they provide to their mentally disturbed owners. Since they are used for some specific medical purposes, they are differentiated from the normal pets.

Attribution of facilities

On order to make distinctions between the ordinary pets and the ESAs and for enabling the patients to enjoy uninterrupted company of their service animals, some special facilities are attributed to these patients and the animals. As declared by the Fair Housing Amendment Act of 1988, the patients undergoing the animal assisted therapy have the right to lodge in any housing apartment with their service animals without paying any kind of pet deposit charges. And the Air Carrier Access Act of 1986 says that such patients can carry their animals along with them while travelling in an airplane or a cruise ship and no fare would be charges for the animal. Besides, the animal should be given access to the passengers' cabin instead of being carried in the animal carrying crates. This rule is applicable for any other vehicle of public transportation as well.

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Legal identification

Identification is necessary for categorizing these special animals as service animals. This identification can be done only by obtaining an ESA Letter from the recognized psychological clinics. This letter is the only legally approved document that can enable the service animals and their handlers to enjoy all the aforementioned facilities. In order to get hold of this letter, online applications should be made to these clinics.

To get further details, browse through the internet and visit the official websites of these well-known psychological clinics now. Make contact with their experts if you have any query related to this topic.

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