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Smash Your Printer And Win $30!

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Cash4Toners is giving out $30 Visa Gift Cards for printer smash videos!

NORTHVALE, N.J. - March 15, 2019 - EntSun -- A toner buyback company is handing out $30 gift cards for videos of people smashing their printers!

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the beloved film Office Space and its iconic printer destruction scene, Cash4Toners is giving away $30 Visa Gift Cards to people who submit their best printer destruction video.

Cash4Toners asks aspiring cinematographers and printer killers to:

• Share their printer destruction video on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter by April 30, 2019 under a public profile.
• Tag it #Smash4Cash and #Cash4Toners
• Email Cash4Toners at selltoner@cash4toners.com

Cash4Toners will send $30 Visa Gift Cards to the first 300 printer smash participants. Limit one per person. Cash4Toners Printer Smash sweepstakes is open to all and no purchase is necessary.

"We wanted to do something fun to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Office Space," said Cash4Toners CEO Sam Dirnfeld. "But we hope this promotion starts a serious conversation about recycling old electronic devices and office machines."

A United Nations study reported 44.7 million tons of e-waste was discarded in 2016, and only 20 percent of it was disposed of properly. So far, 25 states have passed laws requiring people to recycle old electronics. Most townships and municipalities schedule electronic waste collection pick-ups and/or have a public disposal center.

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Recycling professionals specialize in recycling computer peripherals and electronics. They may  charge a small fee for the service, but professionals can safely remove any toxic items from the printer, and recycle every possible part. Dead printers can also be donated to charity. Some facilities collect, repair and donate printers to nonprofit organizations and other institutions. These donations are tax deductible and keep old printers and electronics out of landfills.

Recycling ink and toner cartridges is equally important for the environment. More than 375 million empty ink and toner cartridges are thrown in the trash each year. This is a staggering number, since it takes a hundred years or more for a single cartridge to fully decompose. Ink and toner cartridges are a major contributor to electronic waste, which is one of the fastest growing forms of waste.

Yet nearly 100% of the materials used to manufacture ink and toner cartridges can be recycled and reused, which in turn greatly reduces environmental pollutants and toxins released into landfills. Approximately one gallon of oil is utilized in the production of a new laser cartridge, meaning recycling toner cartridges can save millions of gallons of oil.

Most printer manufacturers — including HP,  Epson, and Canon — have their own electronics recycling programs. Below are other options for proper printer disposal:

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• Best Buy offers recycling options for a wide range of electronics.
• Green Vision Inc is not only at the forefront of e-waste recycling, its workforce provides meaningful jobs for people with autism!
• Amazon pays up to $200.91 (in the form of an Amazon gift card) for just about any kind of electronics device, as well as for music CDs and video games.
• Dell Reconnect is a partnership with Goodwill that accepts any brand of computer, as well as "just about anything that can be connected to a computer," according to the website. Used devices can be dropped at participating Goodwill locations around the country.

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