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Singapore-based FILMTACK Develops Anti-Microbial and Anti-Fog Face Shield Visor Film

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Face Shield Visor Film FilmTack Pte Ltd
FILMTACK improvises on existing window film anti-fog technology with anti-microbial coating in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

SINGAPORE - EntSun -- FILMTACK PTE LTD (FILMTACK), a Singapore-based window film company has developed an anti-fog Face Shield visor film with additional protection against bacteria such as E-Coli, Staphylococcus aureus in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The faces of healthcare workers have been reported to be the body-part most commonly contaminated by body fluids.

As COVID-19 restrictions are easing in the days ahead, FILMTACK Director, K. H. Poon, sees the new product as an improved material for Face Shield visors, providing better protection against aerosols and mucous membranes for high-risk groups such as healthcare workers and students.

"Research institutions around the world have been focusing on the development of anti-microbial chemicals but lack the capability to move forward and incorporate these coatings onto face shield visors correctly and efficiently," said Poon.

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Commenting on the background behind the development of the visor film, Poon explained "We have been trying to produce a shower screen safety film. While our anti-fog agent is among the best in the industry, the product has not been launched because the function is limited to eight months in a highly humid environment. When we laid our hands on an anti-microbial compound that was better than most traditional solutions that used active ingredients, we began working with our JV partners to integrate it with our existing anti-fog technology."

With simple sterilizing, the functionality of the visor film is expected to last about 10-14 days. The material has generated interest from US and Korean Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) manufacturers; seeking customized thickness of high optical-clarity material with reliable anti-microbial and anti-fog protection.

Lately, the window film industry has been at the forefront of producing quality visor films for the PPE industry. Like FILMTACK, many reputable window film companies have swiftly invested in relevant research and production to improve the quality of face shield visor materials since early 2020.

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Going forward, FILMTACK also expects niche-market demand for clear anti-microbial and anti-fog films in the manufacturing of transparent face masks, which will improve interpersonal visual-communications in schools and workplaces.


FILMTACK is a leading window film company in Asia-Pacific, focused on improving product performance and empowering window film businesses in the industry. Through its subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures, FILMTACK is engaged in the development and application of advanced ceramics and sputtering technology in window films. The firm's specialization includes glare-reduction, HEV-Light protection, infra-red filtering coatings for advanced materials.

For more information, please visit www.filmtack.com

Shihui Lum

Source: FilmTack Pte Ltd

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