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SHE WILL RETURN on October 13th

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Chapter 2 of the Pale Faced Lady Saga - Short Film by Jeff Payne

LOS ANGELES - EntSun -- Marketing Macabre is proud to announce the next installment of Jeff Payne's mysteriously creepy Pale Faced Lady saga coming on October 13th, 2019.

In anticipation of "SHE WILL RETURN, Chapter 2 of the Pale Faced Lady Saga" we are giving you a sneak peak of some frightening images.

Jeff Payne: "The first one was more narrative driven, giving you the setting, a bit of the story, and what Pale Faced Lady is capable of. With this one, I'm focusing on the one character who gets stalked by her in real time. He also unknowingly has a part in the creation of this entity."

"SHE WILL RETURN" just in time for the Halloween season and speaking of the be-all end-all holiday for horror movie fans, you might want to check out Jeff Payne's homage of Halloween & Friday the 13th, in his short film "Michael Myers Versus Jason Voorhees - The Complete Saga".

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