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SBS - Sick Building Syndrome - Caused By Over-Wet Carpets

Have your carpets been over wet with cleaning? If yes, you may be experiencing SBS.

FOLKESTONE, England - May 19, 2017 - EntSun -- SBS (sick building syndrome) is a problem for people everywhere. Can you imagine a dirty soiled carpet drenched with poor cleaning methods? Soils end up submerging to the base of the pile and are squelched back up to the surface with foot traffic. Mold and bacteria are prime suspects for causing:

- Irritable skin
- Soreness of eyes
- Headaches
- Dizziness
- Nausea
- Aches and pains
- Fatigue
- Poor concentration
- Shortness of breath
- Eye and throat irritation
- Irritated, blocked or runny nose

These symptoms can be caused from the damp atmospherics from carpets.

Sad thing is about this sort of problem, no one hears about it much.

But if someone has recently cleaned your carpets, within say the last 5 years, do you remember whether your carpets dried quickly? Because some people who clean carpets can actually over-wet carpets trying to remove stubborn soils. Rather than do just one pass of the machine, this is not sufficient to remove trod in deep down carpet soils. Most inexperienced people who clean carpets will repeat the cleaning pass of the machine several times. Hence over-wetting and saturation happens.

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If this is what happened when you last had your carpets cleaned, mold and bacteria form from the moist air from your carpets. SBS can then become a problem that you are totally unaware of, but it could well be costing you your good health.

Is there a solution?

You can in fact do corrective carpet cleaning. A corrective carpet cleaning will put right your carpeting and will help eliminate the moist air which drenched carpets will cause. You will in effect be undoing the problem and putting it right.

You can get a FREE Guidebook which shows you everything about cleaning your carpets DIY. The system in the guide will help you with corrective carpet cleaning. You can repair any suspected damage.

Get the guide now because it will only be available for a short while for FREE. No one likes unhealthy carpets; I'm sure you don't. So why not protect yourself with learning how to DIY. Simply go to http://shanedaley.org/ and discover a super method for cleaning your carpets that will never let you down. The link for the guidebook is near the end of the post. You can get instant free access; act now.

Shane Daley

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