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Rugged Computers Take an Important Role in All Working Environments

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A harsh working environment requires a tough device. An unexpected working climate and extreme temperature changes, requiring adequate field equipment. Regular computers will not be resistant to extreme environments. Hence, it's time to switch to rugged computers. This type of computer is created specifically to support field workers in carrying out their duties, it is also supported by advanced technology. Risk of falling or spilling of liquid objects, making a regular computer become damaged easily. But not with a rugged computer that is designed to withstand all the impacts and liquids.

Mobexx, a Global one-stop-shop for all rugged and ATEX mobile computer equipment, is introducing its latest Logistic Computer (JLT6012). The JLT6012 is the latest generation of vehicle-mounted rugged computers with an innovative platform design by JLT Mobile Computers. The computer features include a Virtually unbreakable display, Installation in almost any vehicle without adapters, and Data input made easy. The JLT PowerTouchâ„¢ display on JLT6012 is designed to be resistant to wear and tear. The JLT6012 is also integrated with a wide-range 9-60 VDC isolated power supply. It enables Installation in most vehicle types without external adapters. It has two keyboard options, the customizable on-screen versions or standard external keyboards, making it easier to input the data.

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Besides providing versatile mobile computer equipment, Mobexx also provides information about the advantages of using rugged computers. Rugged computers are well known for their endurance. It is resistant to humidity, dust, and impact. Compared to past years, rugged computer prices are lower nowadays. It's good news for companies to invest in rugged computers, because of its benefits and durability. Most rugged computers are equipped with Windows OS, making it easy to integrate with equipment at the office. More functions are available such as GPS, camera, sun-readable screens, and more, making it convenient to use in all conditions.

About Mobexx

Mobexx is a one-stop-shop specialized in Rugged Computers, ultra-rugged, and ATEX Certified computers. Mobexx has been working with resellers, software houses, and OEMs around the world to provide innovative solutions and a total service package. They also provide the latest rugged tablets, rugged laptops, rugged PDAs, handheld devices, industrial computers, in-vehicle computers, and fixed PCs. For more information about Mobexx's services, please visit https://www.mobexx.co.uk/.

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