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Robert Cuccio celebrated his 7th rebirthday on May 14, 2019—the same day in 2012 he was dead for 43 minutes

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The Cuccio's true story
In 2015, three years after he was formally pronounced dead, Cuccio was named Nurse of the Year New York.

MEDFORD, N.Y. - EntSun -- On May 14, 2012, Robert Cuccio, an oncology nurse, became a miracle man. After 43 minutes without a heartbeat or oxygen to his brain, he was brought back to life. Early in the morning of that terrible day in 2012, Cuccio who had been seeing a cardiologist for undiagnosed symptoms, knew he had to go to the ER. The symptoms were back more vicious than ever. Only a few hours later Cuccio had flatlined with no pulse or oxygen to his brain. This May he celebrated his seventh "rebirthday."

Doctors worked on him for 30 minutes trying to get even a faint sign of life without success. His wife Cheryl was told that after trying everything, he had been pronounced dead. But she refused to accept the diagnosis. She begged the doctors to keep trying, prayed to her dead parents and everyone she could think of and put her trust in God. Finally the doctors agreed to try to revive him for another ten minutes, but no more. They said after that she would have to accept his death. Then the miracle happened. Eight minutes after the doctors continued their efforts, forty-three minutes after his heart ceased to beat, a cheer could be heard from the hospital room. Robert Cuccio had a faint pulse.

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He was rushed by ambulance to a larger hospital. They did not expect him to survive the trip, but he did. He was put in an induced coma, and for 27 days it was touch and go. When he was brought out of the coma, it was not known if he would have brain damage from lack of oxygen, but a second miracle occurred. After rehab and therapy, Cuccio was able to go back to taking care of his cancer patients with personal knowledge of what it was like on the "other side."

His true story, and his wife's equally amazing true story, are told in their book Incest, Murder and a Miracle, currently under option to Sony Pictures.

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